1. C# C Sharp Support?

    Does the RPG Maker MV have support for C# or is it just Java Script? Can I use .net in RPG Maker? Thank you for your help.
  2. AA's Backup Plan

    Can someone post a picture of all the color-numbers?

    To be specific, the colors that appear in \C[number] modified text. I need a chart of all the colors and numbers, because looking through the colors, number by number, it's tedious and dumb.
  3. Spoopy

    Running C within Ruby on Ace

    I'm still learning RPG Maker in my spare time, when I'm not busy with C++, OpenGL and SDL2. I was wondering if anyone has managed to run C within Ruby on Ace. The reason I ask is to try do some dirty hacks to run OpenGL or at least WebGL through Ruby on RM. It's only for experimental reasons...

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