1. lil1I

    RMMV Direct Cache Control

    I'm looking for a plugin that has direct control on the cache. - You can check what's currently in cache using debug tool - Add files directly to cache using script call - Remove or set for removal a file from the cache using script call I once saw a plugin that does these things but now I can...
  2. RMMV this.drawCharacter does not draw character graphic

    Hi all, I have an issue with the Window_Base this.drawCharacter() method. For some reason when I call this method in the initialize function of my custom window, it doesn't draw the character graphic. For context, this is basically a fresh project. The this.drawText(), this.drawTextEx() and...
  3. Broliant112

    Out-of-nowhere error has occured.

    This error is inside the Cache script. (screenshot provided below) I deleted it, made a test project and replaced the cache in this project with the test's script, and nothing changed. Can added scripts conflict with my cache, or is it just a RMVXACE problem? It happens specifically when any...
  4. wistiecutie

    Unexplainable glitch, please, I need help asap.

    Hello everyone ! So I'm having a massive glitch that's making my brain leak by the ears. I'm currently working on the bonus of my game and for no absolute reason, the play test keeps shutting off and when I go into the script editor, it automatically seems to link to the line 100 in the cache...
  5. MushroomCake28

    The best Image Cache Limit number?

    For people that still don't know, we can change the cache limit from the Community_Basic plugin. By default the value is 10 MB, but that seems a bit low to me. So what's the ideal image cache limit for PC, and is it different for web/mobile?
  6. Frallo

    Cache 106 Failed to Create bitmap

    I know this already has been asked a lot at this point, but I started encountering this error quite recently. For some reason it only occurs when I use a normal attack with one specific character. I tried changing the attack animation and it still crashes.
  7. VeryXInh

    [MV] How to check which files being cached?

    Hi there, I want to know if there is a way to check for which files being cached? (we have preload manager plugin, so i think we can check for what has been preloaded / being cached right?)
  8. Ivan_the_Terrible

    'Cache' line 88: "NoMethod Error"

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I seem to be running into more problems as of late. I got the wild hair to go back and alter an area in my game that I had originally finished with some months ago. I added a new side quest, complete with a new playable character. When the player completes the new...
  9. AdamSakuru

    Way to check total memory usage?

    Object.keys(ImageManager.cache._inner) So I'm aware you can put this into the log to show every image being cached. But is there a way to check the total memory usage?
  10. Akrib

    Unload specific images from cache/ Cache Organisation

    Hello everyone, I searched a lot, but it seems like this has never really been adressed properly: Is there a script-call or a plugin to unload specific images from the image-cache? This should be an important question for a lot of parallax mappers. I know that there is the automatic garbage...
  11. Akrib

    Cache and garbage collection

    Hello everyone, I've searched almost everywhere but couldn't find any deeper explanations on the function of the cache and garbage collection of the rpgmaker (mv). I am currently working on a project which relies heavily on the use of parallaxes and overly images. Because of this it is very...
  12. Harken_W

    Safer save files in Web deployment

    It's to my understanding that when a rpg maker mv game is played in the browser online, it's save files are kept in a temporary folder of sorts. When the user clears their cache, the save files will be lost. I have no experience with this so I assume there's a good reason for it? I know it's...
  13. yongilcool

    Can you delete parallax cache or image cache in MV?

    i'm developing rpg mv mobile game and got some issues... like.. CRASHING!! i just want to delete parallax cache or image cache...so the game may use parallax and images as many times as I want! i'm using 'kaus overlay' plugin to use parallax in the map and use a bunch of images in the game...
  14. AdamSakuru

    A question regarding image caching.

    When I tried to use a combination of show picture and wait to animate images, there was a flickering between them. I did some looking around and saw someone explain that it's because MV handles the process differently than ACE. I was told this syntax would prevent that if I used it to call on...
  15. Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred. failed to create bitmap

    I know something with the same error had been posted before, but in that post, it was about taking something from the Graphics folder. In my case though, now whenever I go into a room, the error "Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred. failed to create bitmap" appears. Can anyone help? Thanks
  16. Kes

    Error Message Galv + Default 'Cache' script

    I am using Galv's Visibility Range script which can be found here  I used this script, with the exact same switches in my previous project, with no problems. Now, however, when I enter the map where this script is operative I get the following error message: Script 'Cache' line 88...
  17. Uyen1232

    Error in the 'Cache' script

    Hey there, when I start the playtest it just opens normal, the game is okay too but when I open the menu and select the tab "Quests" I get this error: Script "Cache" line 95: NomethodError occured. undefined method `empty?" for true:TrueClass. So I took a look at the TrueClass from the Quest...
  18. Mahoken

    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSS Error (Failed Bitmap)

    My game has been working fine, but whenever I try to play it now, it gives the "Failed to create Bitmap" error when I try to open the menu or go into a battle. Does it have anything to do with my scripts?. I haven't added anything new since the last time I played. It just decided to give me the...
  19. Kazuki

    Cache problem

    I was wondering how I would correct this problem. Whenever I walk into a new map at a certain part of my level (right before the boss) this error message pops up.

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