1. SteelAngelOpera

    How to use variables in Calculations

    Hello all, I've used RPG Maker VX and MV in the past through a friend of mine, this will be the first time I'm using it at my own work station (with the intent to eventually publish my ideas). I'm writing a script right now where the main character is at a University, and is being tested on...
  2. Using Math.floor on All Damage Formulas

    I checked out this thread earlier today: My game uses low damage numbers, and after a bit of testing, I found out that any decimal .5 or over rounds damage values up, while I want all non-whole numbers to round down. Damage...
  3. FeaR616

    Enemy Value Calculations

    Alright, I decided to make own thread for this since it is a bit more specific... since I want to use Yanfly's Free Turn Battle for my game, the battles are like in pokemon games with rounds. now I want to set up my enemies values like maxhp, maxmp, atk and so on when the player first...
  4. Jory4001

    Hit % Calculation Confusion

    Hello, I am having diffuculty understanding the "Hit Calculations" or formula in VX Ace. My Character's EX-Param"Hit" is set to 95% and I noticed that my entire party would miss (not evade) almost every single attack. I Searched the forums and googled like crazy and all I could find was...
  5. Solo

    Mass average calculation

    I need to calculate the average of 190 variables. Is there any way to do this efficiently with a script call? Unfortunately, they're not all in a row, if that makes a difference. As a test, I tried assigning a range to a variable, but I got the error "Array can't be coerced into Fixnum," so...

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