1. PaganoCristo

    [JS] scripts for controlling variables via calculation

    Hello everyone, I am a new RPGmaker user with basic JS knowledge for web design, I'd need to learn how to get and set game variables and how to alter them via calculation. The specific situation here is an in-game clock mechanic (based on steps, NOT on playtime) I'm trying to get to work: once...
  2. SteelAngelOpera

    How to use variables in Calculations

    Hello all, I've used RPG Maker VX and MV in the past through a friend of mine, this will be the first time I'm using it at my own work station (with the intent to eventually publish my ideas). I'm writing a script right now where the main character is at a University, and is being tested on...
  3. Using Math.floor on All Damage Formulas

    I checked out this thread earlier today: My game uses low damage numbers, and after a bit of testing, I found out that any decimal .5 or over rounds damage values up, while I want all non-whole numbers to round down. Damage...
  4. FeaR616

    Enemy Value Calculations

    Alright, I decided to make own thread for this since it is a bit more specific... since I want to use Yanfly's Free Turn Battle for my game, the battles are like in pokemon games with rounds. now I want to set up my enemies values like maxhp, maxmp, atk and so on when the player first...
  5. Jory4001

    Hit % Calculation Confusion

    Hello, I am having diffuculty understanding the "Hit Calculations" or formula in VX Ace. My Character's EX-Param"Hit" is set to 95% and I noticed that my entire party would miss (not evade) almost every single attack. I Searched the forums and googled like crazy and all I could find was...
  6. Solo

    Mass average calculation

    I need to calculate the average of 190 variables. Is there any way to do this efficiently with a script call? Unfortunately, they're not all in a row, if that makes a difference. As a test, I tried assigning a range to a variable, but I got the error "Array can't be coerced into Fixnum," so...

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