1. JohnDoeNews

    Clock & Calendar Workshop (Steam)

    SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOT DOWNLOAD LINK HOW DO I USE THIS TO LEARN? (!)Explaining is done in MV, in the (common) events, NOT in the game. The game just shows you some funny examples. WHO MADE WHAT?
  2. Calendar Screen - Turning Player into Cursor

    Heyo! I've been trying to figure out a kind of visual calender for my game for some time but I keep running into the same problem. See, the calender - as an ingame item - now teleports the player onto a seperate map where the player funtions as a cursor. I got this working, so big deal...
  3. Zolakandhoney

    Help with Moghunter's TimeSystem Plug-in

    Hello, I am using Moghunter's time system. And I’m having a bit of an issue with using it in my eventing. I want to be able to make events occur based on the time, day, year, etc. But I don’t know what to do in order to make it understand what I want from it. I can do eventing based on switches...
  4. gregbaby

    (VX ACE) Help with Selchars HM Calender Script + Khas Awesome Light Effects.

    Hello everyone! I hope there is somebody here who can help me. I'm currently trying to get these two scripts to play nice. #Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System #Author: Selchar #Version 2.1 LINK TO THIS SCRIPT and # * [ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects # * By Khas...
  5. gregbaby

    Selchars Calendar + Khas's Awesome Light Effects Compatability Issue

    Hi Guys! I hope there is somebody here who can help me or has had experience with the scripts below: (VX ACE) Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System by Selchar [ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects - By Khas Arcthunder - I've been trying for hours on...
  6. becster731

    Script Compatability

    I'm hoping to create a farming system in my game similar to the one in harvest moon games. I know how to do this with events, but the crop growth would only last a matter of seconds with Galv's even time spawner  (which I could also use help with figuring out) I am using Selchar's variable based...
  7. deilin

    Deilin TE: 365 calendar and weather

    Deilin's TE: 365 Calendar and weather HOW IT WORKS: Manage weather and time by using the in game turn system, other then real time. Setting and instructions are within the script. DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT IF YOU DON'T WANT IT'S TINTING: For now there is no override. I will make a non-time...

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