camera movement

  1. PuffyCloude

    RMMZ Move player and camera fixed position

    As you can see I've got a windowed UI, and I want the player and camera to be in the middle of that if that makes sense. Like the usual fixed position, but a moved a little farther up and left. Right now the player is directly in the middle of the screen which appears as the bottom right for my...
  2. RMMV Camera Plugin Suggestions?

    Hello, I recently started working with RPGMaker MV for my game. One of the design aspects I want to include is a camera that slightly slides to the left or right whenever the player isn't moving, but then resets back to the player character once they start moving again. Kind of like the...
  3. Galv

    Galv's Cam Control MZ

    Cam Control RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Some control over the game's camera. Features This plugin adds a sliding motion to the normal camera motion when the player moves and also allows you to change the camera focus to: – Player – Event – X,Y coordinates Camera will slide to...
  4. JorgeMaker

    Dragon Engine - Super Smooth Camera

    S.S.C Dragon Engine - Super Smooth Camera (1.01) by Jorge Introduction This plugin generates a delay effect in the movement of the camera until it stabilizes in focus, creating an fancy smooth effect! It also provides several functions that can help you create cool effects in the cutscenes of...
  5. Magnus0808

    Camera Mouse Movement

    Camera Movement with Mouse Version 1.1.1 By Magnus0808 || Magnus Rubin Peterson Introduction This plugin allows the player to move the camera using the mouse. When the cursor gets close the border of the screen then the camera will move in that direction. I originally made this plugin as a...
  6. Move Camera with Mouse

    I've already searched for it but i couldn't find any script. What I'm looking for is move the camera with mouse like in all strategy games. If player brings mouse cursor to right border of the screen then camera moves to the right. If up then camera moves to the up.
  7. Samno911

    [XP] Camera Controls Script

    I've been having some issues with the camera centering on the player on larger maps. So long as I am near the top left corner everything works great, but if I try and move the player to somewhere else on the map (especially when choosing a starting position) the camera kind of moves, but always...
  8. Candacis

    Looking for a camera plugin

    Hey, I'm looking for a camera plugin, that works with parallaxed maps, can smoothly zoom in/out and shift focus to specific coordinates and events. It should also have plugin commands, that make it so that an event can wait until the camera movement is finished. I found all this in...

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