1. briimstones

    RMMV view bobbing sinking below map

    howdy, I'm trying to implement view bobbing in rpg maker 3D it's going okay at best https://cutievirus.itch.io/mv3d (this is the plugin, i cant send it by itself because it's paid and that would be wrong) like how minecraft has it to where the camera moves up and down when you walk forward...
  2. Zelune

    Thoughts on Zoom Scale in Games

    Hello everyone, I've been using a fixed 2.6 zoom in my game, and I like it. I believe it provides a certain amount of information displayed on the screen without revealing too much or confusing the player with an overwhelming amount of information. Additionally, it invites the player to explore...
  3. NyTo83

    Picture don't follow the screen

    Hello, here is my problem. I would like to display an image in my game (more precisely black bands at the top and bottom of the screen during cutscenes) but I have fun doing camera effects during my cutscenes, zoom, zoom out, movements, but the problem is that the image does not fit the camera...
  4. danielrobertcampbell

    Scroll Camera from Edge of screen to Player Character?

    I know how to scroll the map / camera using the "Scroll Map" function, but how would I make a scene where the camera scrolls to the Player Character rather than using them as the starting point? I suppose that's the crux of the question; How do I make a different event the "starting point" for a...
  5. Ruru Grgr

    Camera Scroll Effect upon leaving a map

    Hello. I was wondering if it was at all possible to have the camera scroll in a direction seamlessly when the player leaves a map. Kind of like how moving to different areas works in The Binding of Isaac. Like in the clip below: Are there any plugins or eventing tricks people know to...
  6. PuffyCloude

    Move player fixed position

    So as you can see I've got a windowed UI, and I want the player and camera to be in the middle of that if that makes sense. Like the usual fixed position, but a moved a little farther up and left. Right now the player is directly in the middle of the screen which appears as the bottom right for...
  7. RMMV Camera Plugin Suggestions?

    Hello, I recently started working with RPGMaker MV for my game. One of the design aspects I want to include is a camera that slightly slides to the left or right whenever the player isn't moving, but then resets back to the player character once they start moving again. Kind of like the...
  8. LucaBicono

    How do you prefer the camera?

    Something I've recently been giving some thought to, is how the camera works in my game. It's a horror game, and I'm trying to instill a sense of claustrophobia in the player by having most of the maps be small and compact, so for a lot of them the camera is always centered on the middle of the...
  9. lordvalinar

    RMMZ Help With Camera Movement

    So I'm delving into a new section of the RM code that I haven't worked with yet - the display/camera positioning and I would like some help in trying to understand it. Specifically: What I Want: For the 'camera' to move in front of the player while moving (+1 tile, +2 tiles if dashing) and...
  10. Drake616

    Camera character (player) lock

    So is there any way to lock the camera to the character (player), as in he is always in the center of the screen no matter what ?
  11. ovate

    otofumura's modern tiles and objects

    Few tilesets and objects for the modern theme. Suitable for Japanese-style room, variations of bottle/ flasks, moisture-proof cabinet, and a wine cellar. Includes- Kettle / teacups Water tank Audio equipment (stereo) Electrical outlet Robot vacuum cleaner Viewfinder camera Films Altar /...
  12. MushroomCake28

    RMMZ Help understanding how exactly Tilemap works

    Introduction and context So a little bit of context, I'm working on a battle system for RPG Maker MZ. For the battle, I create a new scene and I use some data from the map to generate a terrain (since it's a tactics battle). I opted for this way instead of making the battle occur directly on...
  13. Eliaquim

    Eli Extra Map Scroll - Add extra scroll space to the map

    Author: Hakuen Studio Features ● Adds extra tile space for the map to scroll. How to use Put a note tag on your map notes: <ExtraScroll: x, y> Replace X and Y with the extra scroll value. You can also set only <ExtraScroll> - Then it will take the plugin parameter value. If you put, for...
  14. How to create moving panorama background?

    Hi! I want to create moving panorama background using hdri images. For example I want to create something like in Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder game. Is it possible using VNM? Also I'm absolute zero in scripting, so can anyone help me somehow? :) I found this video: And this...
  15. SRD_CameraCore help

    Hello! I'm working on a mobile game in MV to be played upright as opposed to turned on its side, and I need the screen to shift accordingly when the player turns left or right, to further their "vision," in those limited directions. So like, if the player moves right, the camera will shift so...
  16. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Camera Zoom v1.1

    What is this about? One of my experiment that allow smooth "zooming" feature via eventing. Modified to be user friendly and easy to study. Requirement Apprentice knowledge of how script call works in event. Understanding of how parallel common event works. A switch (Zooming Mode), 2...
  17. ovate

    Map Scrolling Expansion

    Map Scrolling Expansion 2015-05-03 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction Use a script call to move camera to any direction. Instructions: Script call- start_scroll(direction, distance, speed) Feature - Possible to move camera diagonally. About: direction: 7 8 9 distance: scroll...
  18. Magnus0808

    Camera Mouse Movement

    Camera Movement with Mouse Version 1.1.1 By Magnus0808 || Magnus Rubin Peterson Introduction This plugin allows the player to move the camera using the mouse. When the cursor gets close the border of the screen then the camera will move in that direction. I originally made this plugin as a...
  19. Oscar92player

    Disable camera targeting the player?

    Hello, everyone! I'm having a big problem with RPG Maker MV today. I was trying to make a cutscene where there are a lot of camera movements through the dialog, and some battles in the middle of it. When the battle starts, the camera is usually far away from the original position of the Player...
  20. AdamMMS

    Mode 7 Perspective in Games

    After seeing some examples of mode 7 being used, I now regret not using it in my project! Here is a quick example I threw together using a custom perspective: I underestimated how beautiful and cool it can look! Of course I think it would look better if no black edges were visible and that's...

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