1. Candacis

    Candacis' Time Fantasy Additions

    TIME FANTASY ADDITIONS Terms of Use: Free for non-commercial and commercial. Credits needed. Do not repost my originals without my permission. I did some benches, too, but since those are edits of the Time Fantasy tiles, I can't share them unfortunately. If you message me and show me a proof...
  2. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources for MV

    Candacis' Resources for MV Terms of Use: Free for commercial and non-commercial alike unless otherwise stated. But credits needed. Do not repost my originals without my permission. A4 Inside: I just wanted to post a quick 'an dirty edit I did for the Inside A4 top parts. I prefer to map with...
  3. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources

    Candacis' Resources Since I love editing tiles, sprites and portraits, I thought I will begin sharing some of my stuff. I'd love to hear feedback. You can give me suggestions, too, but I can't guarantee that I will make them. I also don't like doing emotion sets, mainly because I'm really...

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back in April of 2019, I watched my friend's art stream on twitch. that was when I got inspired to draw most of the assets for my game. it's been a LONG journey since, but totally worth it.
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Square-Enix, why you didn't released the classic Dragon Quests on Steam yet? :kaocry:
This is by far my most favorite boss monster I've made, its name is Gosck
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