cannot read property of 'height' undefined

  1. Cannon read property "height" of undefined

    Hello, recently I tried out Yanfly's BattleEngineCore, AnimatedSVEnemies. Everything worked fine and without problem untill I tried to make enemy look like one of my NPCs by using <Sideview Battler: filename> command. At that point game crashes with error "Cannon read property "height" of...
  2. The_Black_Knight

    RMMV, Height Error and black screen.

    So, I reordered my plugins, after which the game was working fine. Now when I try battle testing against the default bats, I get thefollowing: In addition, even on a completely fresh project, if I try testing against anything, I just get a black screen with no text. Already tried re-installing...
  3. GenoGold

    SOLVED Cannot read property of 'height' undefined

    SOLVED Basically i needeed to make a new project So for sideview battles, whenever i i use an animated side view enemy and attack it, i get this error. I have all the plug ins up to date and the tp meter is on. I have screenshots of the error and of all the yanfly plug ins i have. Ive tried...

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