1. DjKniteX

    RMMV What is the To-Go plugin for making a card-based/deck building game?

    For reference; Wanting to make a game similar to Gloomhaven Digital; how you shuffle a deck of cards and each turn you get like 3 cards and you will use those 3 cards to attack or do things. Among the battle system using a card-based system similar to that KH game for GBA; I am looking to add a...
  2. DHG Sage Gaara

    Card Game Issues (VX Ace, MV)

    Alright so i've been combing around for a while now to try and discover a usable engine that allows for a card game. I have seen the Yanfly version but all reviews show the system is insanely buggy and the dev is unreachable. It also seems the plugin is completely gone from the internet as the...
  3. Vis_Mage

    Irina's Collectible Card Game Plugin - Reduce Pictures Shown

    Hey, I'l hoping someone could help me with a (presumably) small tweak to Irina's Collectible Card Game plugin. https://atelieririna.itch.io/collectible-card-game I hope this is the right place for this. It is a paid plugin, but her terms state that the plugin can be edited. The plugin...
  4. Xyonel

    card image instead of text

    Hi, I've managed to get some of previous work about my personal album window, but now I'm stuck at this problem: how can I change the names of the cards into images?(the command list button will represent every image of single card, for those unknown instead will be shown card back. the command...
  5. SmolJoltik

    Simple Card Drawing Plugin, Not A Full Battle System

    I got this idea from the Duelist class in 7th Dragon III Code VFD. I would like a plugin that allows actors to draw cards and have skills consume them. Just variables, the cards don't do anything on their own. There isn't even a deck, actors just have a hand and a predetermined chance to draw a...
  6. Marillmau5

    Simplified Faux Card Battle Request - ItemI Images

    Since this is a request thread I'll give this a try and maybe someone comes along might think this will be fun or good to make for the community. I'm requesting a simplified fake style card Battle system. It's not a 100% custom system. It will use the majority of the MV Battle system. Items...
  7. Mooshry

    Go Fish Minigame (Still Unfulfilled)

    So, one of my games has Go Fish as a plot point. I need a minigame that acts like it. Before making the plugin, please familiarize yourself with the rules of Go Fish, OK? Thanks in advance!
  8. FleshToDust

    RMMV Collectible Card Game [Name Pending]

    This is a collectible card game. You'll start the game by going into the Card Shop to buy some cards to build a deck and start your journey climbing the deck building and battling ladder. How far can you go? It will take strategy to build a deck capable of defeating each opponent. You may be...
  9. Timespiraled_RPG

    RMMV Osagai [Zeldalike Deckbuilder] *Updated Sep 22nd*

    Inspired by classic games such as the GBC era Legend of Zelda games as well as my deep love of collectible card games, OSAGAI merges both genres into a love letter to those two genres. Take on the role of three champions summoned to the Isle of Auldrin. With an arsenal of weapons, spells...
  10. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    !!! STV_MonsterCards v.0.61 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Update: Description: This will add a simple Card Collector Game to your Project. - Create/Add your own Cards! - Create your own Booster Packs! - Cards split into 3 different Series! - Each Card has unique stats like ATK, HP, DEF. -...
  11. draw skill system

    bonjour je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un serait assez gentil pour develloper un script pour piocher des sorts chaque tour vous piocherez un des sorts possédé et le reste du combat se deroule classiquement, les sorts piochés seront dans l'option sorts et l'orsqu'ils sont utilisés ils seronts...
  12. brendonx

    Skill Pool/Deck Creation Menu JS

    Hi all. I'm going to be posting a Paid offer for a plugin that is essentially a skill select plugin which allows the game dev some easy control over what the player can do with it. This is going to be used for a card game based RPG to create decks so it will need some restrictions that a...
  13. My Favorite Game Heroic Adventures

    Heroic Adventures is one of my favorite games. Fun, right?
  14. Vis_Mage

    Card Game Script Toggle by Actor / Switch

    Hello! I'm looking for a bit of help regarding pencilcase's Card Game script. As it stands, it basically uses the default battle scene as a turn based card game. The problem I'm running into is that there is no way to toggle the card game mechanics. This means that I can't use the actual...
  15. I need help creating a matching card mini game!

    Hello! I've been searching for hours now for a tutorial to create a matching mini game in MV but found nothing. I'm trying to create something similar to "Pocket Mirror" matching game with Fletas and MC and was wondering if there is such a tutorial out there or is there anyone out there who...
  16. Timespiraled_RPG

    Card Game Style Battle System [Commission]

    Introduction Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night (depending on where you may be). My name is Fireworker and while I've not been a prolific user of the forums, I've been working on a project for around a year now and have found myself at a point where to progress any...
  17. GoodSelf

    Free TCG with RPG Maker game

    Hey folks! So the original idea for my game started as a trading card game, and I had a cool idea! What if I included a PDF of cards that you can cut out and play with along with rules for the card game. It would be bundled with the actual game in the project feedback forums. I'm just...
  18. GoodSelf

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    Hey folks! I'm wondering what everyone's favorite Trading Card Game is, or if you even like this type of genre! I've played countless TCGS: Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, etc. But my favorite has to be... I like the fact that I can play it at anytime, anywhere, compared to...
  19. AxelVoss

    Magical Trading Cards and Card Album! [ACE]

    For my current project, I want to implement a menu option that will open a Card Album, in which you can store magical Trading Cards that you can collect and trade with students, find in chests, or obtain through quests and events.   A screen from a Minecraft mod with a similar function to what...
  20. redspark

    Equippable Card Battle System

    This is a big request.  Attached is a PDF of a Battle System's set of rules that I ran across on a game mechanics website (link to the site is in the PDF).  This is a Equippable Card Battle System where the equipped items and class of the character (perhaps even race) gives a list of available...

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