1. comedianmasta

    Carriage/ Hansom Cab Request (VX Ace)

    Request: Victorian Carriage/ Hansom Cab, Char Style: VX Ace Style Description: A black (or decorated, if you choose) carriage done in the style of a Victorian England enclosed carriage. I would appreciate it done in the same size and shape as the Vehicle sprites. No animals necessary as I can...
  2. Ivan Davidov

    TwoTile Vehicles - Bus or Carriage

    Hey-hey, How do you create a two tile vehicle? The carriage, for instance, has two tiles (the horse and the carriage). The default mode has only one tile, meaning that either the carriage or the horse is going to be animated. How do you make sure that both the front and back of the bus is on the...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Looking For Carriage/Wagon Tiles

    I'd like to show a Wagon/Carriage stopped alongside the roadway, but I really wouldn't know where or if someone has made any tilesets for them. If anyone could point me in right direction, that would be great. The engine I'm using it for is RPGMMV is that helps.
  4. Johan86

    Static Behemoth Wagon

    Hello everyone! I made some edits on PandaMaru's lovely Market Tile and after adding some RTP pieces I created a Wagon! Lastly I added Whtdragon's amazing behemoth sprite after edditing it a bit! TERMS OF USE: Since most of this work is made by edits, I will link bellow PandaMaru's and...
  5. Silent Darkness

    [MAPPING]Carriage Interior

    So, for my project, i'm intending to create a small map that is basically the inside of a traveling carriage. What i'm trying to do here is get a little bit of help making it look like the inside of an actual carriage and not a small wooden room on wheels. I did google such things, and I do...

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