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    World Map Collection (the lost art of the rpg world map) These are ABSOLUTELY FREE as they are rtp edits. Please, Enjoy! What's this all about? In this thread I will be posting (at random) any WORLD MAP tile edits I make as I begin to experience the wonders of 48x48 tiles. I usually...

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So trying our Ultra Mode 7 was a bad idea. How do I not include this in my game? XD
Stumbled upon an RPG Maker game on Steam called 'Boobs vs Zombies' while looking for a zombie themed fantasy RTS. lol
There's a new born faction in my country called "Sunda Empire" claiming they have right to rule over the earth and sun... I don't know what to feel...
Quon is watching you
Quon blessed your good efforts
I have tried, several times to understand how Markiplier is popular. You can't deny his popularity. I can only get through a few minutes of his vids, though. He's cringier than ANY cringe comp I've ever watched. When I was a kid, if you acted like that, 0 friends and 100% no dates for you. Times have changed XD

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