casual game

  1. RMXP Cream horn adventure

    "Tia," the girl who goes home with Cream horn ingredients. But... an uninvited guest stole Tia's chocolate conch bread ingredients! Tia's adventure to find ingredients for chocolate conch bread begins! * Simple jump game to enjoy! * Solve various puzzle elements on the stage.~ * If you...
  2. Netherware Entertainment

    RM2k/3 Super Crystal Hunter

    Slade is a young and outstanding thief who has grown up between the filthiest thugs and bandits of a famous illicit activities guild, which, since immemorial times has ravaged the Eastern Lands. However, the King of these lands, someone who was a respectable and fair person has dramatically...
  3. chaucer

    RMMV Rudolph Saves Christmas

    Synopsis: Santa is sick this christmas, and on top of that it's far too foggy for anyone to see but a few inches past their nose! When it seems all hope is lost for christmas this year, one brave reindeer steps up to save the day, Rudolph, with his bright nose to guide him through the dense...
  4. Artificer

    The court of the other side

    The game is in English and Spanish, you can choose. A visual novel that I made with Ace little, it took me like 5 hours to convert into a web browser version -.-. This game is a comedy-parody of the limbo, it is say that you face some kind of trial in the other side; you are...

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Day 2 of my redesign journey, as a follow up from the previous post :kaothx:

This is Cedric's son, Apollo!
New pet peeve: Telling tech support personnel what something is doing, only for them to tell me (in excessively condescending tones) what it should be doing. Yes, I know what it should be doing, and if it was doing that, I wouldn’t be talking to you and your attitude problem about it right now, would I? >.<
uglywolf wrote on Khulse's profile.
The rules I makes pun about on your last thread is about "Verify Files" before anything else, if the stuff comes from STEAM. Which means, if it could be fixed with just that, there is no need to redownload the whole stuff.
But glad the reinstall worked, hope you enjoy it and your days too.
uh oh, I just tapped into a fresh, deep vein of nightmare fuel right here guys:

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