1. BurningOrca

    Shop Category Customization

    Plugin Purpose This plugin let's you customize how category windows are shown in the shop menu. It is plug and play. By default it changes nothing. It comes with three plugin parameters: Buy Categories Window: Contains a switch whether the buy window should be categorized, aswell as layout...
  2. xDRAGOONx

    Yanfly Item Categories: Removing an armor type from all armor

    I am using Ellye's Class Change Equip plugin to allow the player to change class through a piece of armor. I am wondering if there is a way to remove this specific armor type from the list of all armors so that they don't show up under the Armor category. I have already made a specific...
  3. Guardinthena

    Shop Categories Add-on

    Good day everyone! I was hoping someone could help me with this. I am looking for a plugin to be created that adds a new shop categories window to the buy command to help with organization purposes. I would appreciate it if the window could have the ability in the parameters to move its x, y...
  4. Animebryan

    Need modification or add-on for YEP_X_StateCategories

    I need a modification or add-on for Yanfly's State Categories plugin: My game uses multiple versions of each state. For example: With that being the case, I've started doing my Ailment Resist states which increase resistance with each...
  5. BuzzGaming57

    Need Help With Item Categories

    So I'm currently trying to make it so I have four item categories in my game. "Evidence", "Profile", "Gifts" and "Notes" I managed to edit the Normal Item slot and Key Item to be the first two listed above, but I'm having trouble changing it so armor and weapons change into gifts and notes. I...
  6. Shinma

    Yanfly's Item Menu Categories Help

    This is a great plugin, but I need a slight modification to it, if possible. This plugin allows you to create additional categories for your items, weapons, armor, etc. It adds a new scene for it, but my problem is that it still lists it under the original category. I have a lot of Resources...
  7. Mr. Trivel

    No Item Categories

    Name: No Item Categories Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-10-29   What does it do? Removes item categories from item menu scene and from shop scene.   Screenshot: None. How to use? Plug, change parameters in Plugin...
  8. wrigty12

    Item "Folders" Script Request

    Here is my situation: Under "Key Items" I have 2 other "Categories" of items: Keys and Tickets. Keys are just keys that you hold on to. Tickets are held on to and allow you to travel to different places by train. Is there a script that allows me to put these two categories of items in two...

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