1. tale

    Simplistic Style Battlebacks (3 Resolutions) [Public Domain]

    I'm sharing simplistic backgrounds here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Backgrounds are originally released by ramses2099 at OpenGameArt, I've done edits suitable for battleback. Total of 6 images- cave, desert, grass, ridge, road, snow 3 sizes are...
  2. Kristoffer

    only 1 hp in Dungeon?!

    Everything went just fine, I had a good game, then suddenly I only have 1 hp in the dungeon. At any other map the character has full HP, but when I enter the dungeon, HP is 1, and I can heal or use potions, but then it instantly drop down to 1 again. Why? And how do I fix this? (I have...
  3. renguro

    Light Surrounding Player in Dark Area?

    I was wondering if there was a way to make the halo of light around a player, sort of similar to how Pokemon games do it. Like this, except a softer glow, and just a dim background instead of a completely dark one.
  4. Nekohime1989

    Lava Cave Interior

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I was wondering if someone could expand on the the lava cave dungeon tiles. Specifically I'm looking for something similar to what Avery has done with the ice jungle and water caverns in this post here. (under tiles > dungeon)...
  5. Schematist

    Game of Tones Ep 2 Composing Mystical/Ancient Music

    In this tutorial, I will show how anyone with a digital audio workstation can create Mystical/Ancient RPG music with a few essential tools. For the purpose of this video I will be using FL Studio, but this can work in any digital audio workstation. Tools: FL Studio 12, Zebra 2 (Synths)...
  6. KChasm

    Puzzles for a cave dungeon

    I've been trying to plan out the layout of a dungeon that's a more-or-less natural cave system underground in-game, but I'm having trouble coming up with good "puzzles" for the area—you know, "button in Room A removes obstacle in Room B," "feed these three items into the whachamacallit to open...
  7. Mieze

    RMMV Life Way (Dead Project)

    First time Hello, and would like to apologize for my bad English. ;) EDIT: This Game is not more in Work!!
  8. TLostCactus

    Fix the tiles Pretty Please?

    Top of the day, Humans. Hope you are doing great! Me here has a very small request to make. I am terrible at tiles. Just the worst. 'been toying with this hell of a thing for a good dozen of hours with no apperent result. So I have 1 question, and 1 question only. Can we fix it? (Bob the...
  9. Sephiron

    Island survival resource pack

    So not too long ago, I was working on a game similar to "Survival kids" on the Gameboy Color. Like the ADHD infested human I am, I have decided that I no longer want to work on it any longer. For anyone who is interested in the scripts that I've bundled up (Lighting, day/night, needs, minecraft...
  10. Malvodion

    LF: "Snow/Frozen Cave Biome" water and waterfall tiles

    Hello. I was hoping to find a tileset that would match the snow/frozen tiles. The only ones that come with the editor are the ones for the crystal tiles, and those don't even match with their waterfall tiles. I looked around but I couldn't find anything similar. Does anyone know or has what...
  11. EpicKitty88

    Rainbow Caves: Violet

    Attached is a picture of one of my Rainbow Caves. In Kitty's Quest, one of my RPGXP games, an anthro named Kitty travels to several different world the find the gems that will save her cats from being hunted by a pack of wolves called the Skylights. The land of the Rainbow Guardians is one of...

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