1. Ellie Jane

    RMMV Open-World RPG

    I am trying to flesh out a new project. My previous games have all been MMORPGs - in fact, the one I am working on was meant to be an MMORPG. Having set up the system and got it working, I realise that all this time I've never actually been making a game, I've just been faffing around with...
  2. Macbeth

    Celianna-style sprites request for a new game in development

    Greetings to everyone! I'm here to ask around for a specific kind of sprites that fits nicely with Celianna classic tileset, and it's for RPG Maker MV. Here is a quick example The game setting is in a fictional Austrian city during the 17th century :) further details can be explained via...
  3. Lunarea

    Ancient Dungeons: Winter is now live!

    The long-awaited expansion for Ancient Dungeons is now here! Just in time to celebrate the frosty season, Ancient Dungeons: Winter is all about snow, ice and that chill in the air. This fantastic and large pack is filled to the brim with tiles and tile essentials needed to build the perfect...
  4. PhoenixX92

    Celianna Character Items/Assets(?)

    I've looked and looked, and I cannot seem to find items to add to Game Character Hub library to generate characters from the Rural Farms set from Celianna. Do these exist? I checked all of the sites that sell tilesets and things for her work, but it seems she doesn't offer the...
  5. Jefries

    Celianna's TileA3 Rooftop Request

    So Hello guys I'm just interested  in a rooftop for Celianna's TileA3 so I just want a rooftop like the rtp wooden one from Outside_C. I'm asking for a rooftop for the woodden one that is marked on the photo. This is no redistributing or whatsoever, I'm just asking for a rooftop so that i can...
  6. beenbaba

    Using Celiannas Tileset Commercially in MV

    Not sure if this is the right place to post so please move if needed I want to buy the commercial license for Celiannas Tileset for VX and Ace here http://pixanna.nl/products/celiannas-tileset/ and want to use it in MV. However, the terms seem different depending on what website/page I'm...
  7. Celianna

    Celianna's MV tiles

    Hi! Since Photobucket removed the images, my work can be found here. Pixanna.nl
  8. Official Lost Souls

    I'm having a spot of Tileset Trouble...

    I'm in a spot of trouble at the current moment due to tileset issues. I downloaded a Celianna tileset that looks like:  The thing is, I am having trouble getting it to fit withing the 32 by 32 boxes, as bits of the tileset overlap into other tiles, and it makes my maps look weird. This is how...
  9. sapiboong

    Where to find the pointy roof?

    In the screenie picture of Rural Farm Resource Pack (which can be found HERE), there are some buildings that use pointy roof. I would like to know where to find the pointy roof. I have searched inside the tilesets folder and found none of the sort. Is it perhaps parallaxed?  Thank you very...
  10. xSparkZx

    Tileset problem

    I have a problem with the tileset I have. I'm using tiles of Celianna and it includes this: (These are not my tiles, the credit goes to Celianna!) They look like they're complete, but it looks like I'm missing a water tile. The water tiles I have are on this image: As you can see, I'm...
  11. BCj

    Where is this watertile?

    Here I am again :P So, I was watching a vid of Amulet of Athos' water, and I noticed he was using a watertile from Celianna that I currently do not possess: Where did it go? Is it in one of her packs??
  12. Lunarea

    Rural Farm Tiles Resource Pack

        You've been waiting for it, and it's out!   Celianna's amazing resource pack features tileset, characters and extra graphics galore. It's everything you'll need to create the perfect farm or farming town. This fantastic pack also comes with a sample game that tackles evented game systems and...
  13. Celianna

    Celianna's Parallax Tiles

    These are my parallax tiles, which are meant for parallax use and are not arranged into a tileset form. I repeat; this is not a tileset and cannot be imported into RPG Maker and use it right away. You need to use a technique called 'parallax mapping', by using these tiles in an image editing...
  14. Celianna

    Celianna's Tileset

    This is a VX tileset version out of my most recent stuff, completely made by me, or edits made from the default VX RTP. This tileset is exclusive to rpgmakerweb.com and pixanna.nl please do not redistribute these. IGMC: due to the IGMC going on, I have a special rule. If you win any of the...

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