1. ovate

    Menu: Centered Title, Copyright Text, Save Scroll, Max Exp, Profile Scroll

    Centered Title Command Centers title command texts and 5 characters wider. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script __________ Copyright Text Shows copyright text on the title screen (Under Constant, set your text for copyright) Preview Installation Paste this script...
  2. Kirri

    [RMVXACE] Centering Text.

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm wondering how to align center the text in the dialogue. I am aware that there is/are already message system that include this, but I'm already using Khas Message System, so it's incompatible with the other message system. When I turn off Khas Message System, I need the text...
  3. Xyonel

    how to center this background call?

    How can I center the image on a wide screen ? Scene_Album_TT.prototype.createBackground = function () { this._backSprite = new Sprite(); this._backSprite.bitmap = ImageManager.loadTripleTriad(this.image_list['AlbumBackground']); this.addChild(this._backSprite); I tried ...
  4. tammie

    Center text in window (Ace)

    Hi Here I have text shown displaying the chapter name. But I want this text center-aligned, not left-aligned. Is there a script for this?
  5. Yawgmoth

    RPG Maker MV Centering a picture on Actor Sprite while on a map?

    Hi all, I have a .png image with 225x63 dimensions. I am calling it using a plugin that activates a common event before a random encounter. I want the 225x63 image to be centered on the actor before the combat starts. I've searched the web and forums and have not found any way to do this. Any...
  6. In game Menu changes?

    So recently got RPG Maker MV and been playing around a bit with it. But my biggest problem right now is the in game menu. This is a sum up of what I've done and what I want to do. I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this, if not.. then I'm sorry about that. Anyway...
  7. masterlobo

    How To call DrawText with align center, but with a different font size than default?

    Hello, Currently calling DrawText with align center does work: This works: However, if I change the font size before calling that fn, it's not properly centered anymore. The 'center' works having in mind the default font size. Therefore if it's a smaller sized text, it's a little shifted to...
  8. Mycael

    Rotate images - Change Center of Rotation

    Hi all, I have a problem with an animation I'm working on for my mv project. I use this code: this.rotation =  angle * Math.PI / 180; But my image rotates following the top left corner. I need my image to rotate at it's center. My image is a bitmap I need something like...
  9. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    HP Bar Script Edit (Centering Large HP)

    Hey all,  So I am using this visible enemy bar and visible HP by V.M. of D.T.  I use Yanfly core and Yanfly Ace and obviously use VX Ace. I was wondering if anyone would like to take a crack at throwing a line or two in there that CENTERS the numbers.  With this script, as the HP on...
  10. Porcelain

    Preventing the battle status window from centering at turn start and changing fill direction for gra

    I'm assuming both of these are simple script edits, but I just can't figure them out. For the first one, I want the battle status window to stay on the right when the player is done entering commands. By default, it centers itself when the command window closes. I've looked over the functions...
  11. PhoenixX92

    Graphics off center?

    So I've got a bit of a dilemma here, I seem to have the "Game Over" screen off center, as well as graphics when you start up the project for tests. Using some of Khas's scripts, so I put his logo in at start-up. However, Khas' scripts aren't what are causing this, I've had the Gameover screen...
  12. Asaous

    Need to center combat window

    So there is this weird alignment issue that I can't seem to figure out, any idea on how to get it working?
  13. Tornado Samurai

    [RMXP] Centering Battlers in Battle?

    Hello everyone! :D I'm currently experimenting in RPG Maker XP once more and I have come across a slight issue that I do not know how to fix. I almost didn't even know what to call this small problem. Does anyone know how to center battlers in RPG Maker XP Battles? Example below: *NOTE: The...
  14. HeroofTime123

    Picture Center Problem

    I am trying to make a picture appear on screen and I have the picture set to be centered with the player's position on the screen. However, when I erase the picture. the game crashes and says "Script Sprite_Picture' line 54: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method 'width' for nil:NilClass" I...
  15. MakoTorii

    Centering Show Choices Text

    Hi! I'm just wondering what should be edited in the scripts so that the choices in a Show Choices box will always be centered? Or maybe there is a script that does this? Thank you! :)

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