1. hoboayoyo

    Chain follow up skill like etrian odyssey fencer class.

    Im looking to make a chain follow up skill like in entrain odyssey's fencer class. If enemy has 'fire chain' status effect, there will be a X % chance of character A following up with a fire slash skill, whenever the enemy is hit with a fire elemental attack. Aka: Fire hit on enemy procs player...
  2. StartTsu_

    [MZ] Looking for chained character tileset [CHIBI]

    I'm looking for character tilesets attached to chains that I can place on a wall, and I would like to be able to customize the stuck character.
  3. Chaining or Comboing Skills by Button Input During Battle

    If this script already exists, then I don't know what terminology it's being identified by in order to search for it. Otherwise, I've been striving to convert two importantly and inexplicably neglected VX Ace scripts into MV plugins, but as learning Ruby and JavaScript is not as easy for me as...
  4. wrigty12

    Request: Follow Up Skills

    I'm looking for a plugin that allows followup skills or chaining skills together. Here is a reference for one my Yanfly in Ace. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/follow-up-skills/
  5. piqueRAJ

    Issue with MOG Hunter's Chain Commands, Please Help

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this ^w^;  But I'm having a pretty bad issue with MOG's Chain Command's Script http://sta.sh/01xnccr52w3p or rather implementing it in my game. (here's one of the events I'm using it in) What I'm trying to do is use it as a sort of minigame in my...
  6. chain events together

    soo my problem is as following i have an event in my game where i talk with a guy after all the talking and moving the bad guy yells fools and the camera moves to the side to reveal shes there problem is she isnt there to begin with since that would seem weird but cant really figure out how to...
  7. shiori4me

    Making Active Chain Skills usable when countering?

    So, I'm using something that allows me to choose my custom counter, so I made it so when you have a sword, your counter is a sword skill that lets you essentially follow up with 5 different skills you would like to counter with. Because in my game there is like High, Mid-High, Mid, Low-Mid, and...

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