1. JohnDoeNews

    Eventing Duels part III: High Score

    Eventing duels is a friendly challenge in which you give everything and can win nothing. Yet the idea is to see who has the most efficient and original way of eventing a certain system. Those challenges are meant to compare our own methods to those of fellow developers. In this challenge we...
  2. ScorchedGround

    RMMV One Map Game Challenge - The Calm before the Storm

    Hello everyone! So I finally did the thing. The cool thing that everyone does. I am of course talking about The One Map Game Challenge! With this game, I wanted to challenge myself. You know, a challenge besides the editor restrictions like only using 10 events, variables etc. So I decided to...
  3. Candacis

    Clumping Challenge

    Clumping Challenge Lately I am playing around a bit more with the MZ rtp and one of the easiest ways to make small edits is the clumping technique. Meaning, you pull different parts from various tiles to bundle them all up together into a new tile. You can create new looks with clumpings, which...
  4. kaffe

    RMMV Castle's Labyrinth - A game I made in a day.

    I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them, so I decided to give myself a challenge: make a game to completion within a single day. Well, this is a finished project, for all that it may be. It is not at all what I anticipated making when I started, and it's probably not...
  5. elithejew

    RMMV 1 Game a Day / 1 Month

    Hello there all っ╹v╹ )っ ! In July of 2019 I discovered RPGMaker MV and with it, my passion for making games. After playing for a while in it and getting to know it, I decided I wanted to give myself a challenge (I love challenges) and have some fun with the engine. And so, I ended up making 1...
  6. Finnuval

    I challenge you!

    I had this idea that might be fun... How about us 'artsy'-types (cough) challenging each other? I will start by posting a piece of art or battler and then it's up to you guys... Are you another graphics guy/girl? redraw it in your style or draw something inspired by it :D Are you a music...
  7. FralKritic

    RMMV Mysterious Revenge (One Map Challenge)

    Hey There Fellow Content Creators! Fral Kritic here with something fun for you to scrap a few minutes away with! Now... let me find those pictures! BOOM BAM ZAM!! Ah! At last, my entry for the One Map Challenge has arrived... A little late on arrive; probably won't be tipping that delivery...
  8. JtheDuelist

    [Challenge Idea] See How Much Your Art Has Changed In A Few Years

    I decided to just see how much I have changed in art style, I am trying to replicate a drawing I had made back in 2014. I can already notice a difference between 2014 and 2018. Now I challenge you to do the same while I finish mine- take a random drawing from say 4-5 years ago and try redoing...
  9. Blair Pendragon

    Idea challenge for "Parry"

    So, I stumbled into the dev blog posts talking about thinking outside the box, and challenging people to think of different solutions and work-arounds. This is kind of like that. This challenge doesnt have a clear goal in mind, and is far more vague. Create a type of "Parry" mechanic. This...
  10. Orb

    50 character meme (Challenge)

    So I saw this tag on deviantart and I thought it was AWESOME. It's pretty simple: Take the template, and fill it up with 50 of your favorite fictional characters (it can be anything: movies, videogames, anime, books...) and once you finish it, share it us! With no further explanation, here's...
  11. Nathyn171

    I have a challenge for you all!

    So with autotiles, there are 47 possible tiles you can make, which can be fit into a 7x7 area: So my challenge is to use all 47 of those tiles in the smallest area possible WITHOUT USING THE SHIFT KEY. Think it's easy? It's not. My personal best is 11x11. And that's with some help! Good luck...
  12. Shinma

    Bi-Weekly Mapping Challenge June 15th/30th

    Back in college some fellow students and I used to have a weekly challenge in whatever editing software that we were learning at the time. What we would do is either take a photo and do some recolors or describe a scene and have everyone create something based on the scene. The idea behind it is...
  13. SpookyFace66

    Harry Potter Spell System

    I'm starting to make a game based off of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I wanted to have a spell unlock system similar to the one in the GBA Port of Prisoner of Azkaban (A.K.A. use a spell a certain number of times to unlock the next spell upgrade). I wanted to know...
  14. Ninja Art

    Bring the Art Challenges Back!

    I was wondering if we can bring back the art challenges or something similar to it. I'd really like to see a group of people help improve on their art skills. Not only that, I'd like to see my own improvement, and I believe that having a community and challenges every now and then would help...
  15. CharismaticGamer

    Shooting System

    Hey guys, So i'm making a zombie survival game and i have the map and everything almost done. I have the zombie stripes and more. I'm just missing a few more things. One of those things is having a shooting system. The way i want my shooting system is by making it shoot 4 directional. I dont...
  16. Lunarea

    RPG Maker Birthday Bash!

    Today is RPG Maker's Birthday, and we're so excited! Whether you've been familiar with RPG Maker for decades, or you just got word of its awesomeness recently, we'd love to see you join us in a month-long celebration. For the next 4 weeks, we'll be sharing weekly RPG Maker resource freebies...
  17. 0sleepy0

    Seth animal sprite(HUGE REQUEST)

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV or Ace (as long as it's about the size of mack type horse  ) Art Style: Mack or MV Description:  Info from wiki:Set animal, or sha, is a chimerical beast, the totemic animal of the god Set. The sha is usually depicted with three distinguishing...
  18. Milennin

    Difficulty in Battles - Preferences and Thoughts

    When it comes to battles in RPGs, what kind of challenge do you prefer? Do you think regular encounters should be strong enough to pose a threat to the party if the player isn't paying attention, or do you believe that making regular encounters too strong would make boss fights feel less...
  19. GreaperGames

    Just Survive

    An Arcade Island Survival game! Come play it now! Stranded in a deserted Island?Don't know what to do?Well don't just stand there!Do something! Start Scurrying for resources!Collect everything you need before your HP starts going down! Watch out when the dark comes!Monsters are...
  20. Tsukihime

    RMDC #3: Character Selection Screen

    In some games, you may have multiple characters that the player follows throughout the story. Depending on the plot, players may be asked to play through each character’s scenario separately, and each character’s performance may affect the rest of the plot, including other characters’...

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This could probably be an entire thread, but it’s really interesting how replaying a game several years later can change how you relate to a character. I think Tidus from FFX got such a bad rap. I getchu. Completely different reaction as an adult now.
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Well, I wanted to expand player battlers visually and now have 3 sheets and counting for each of my players party.
1. Regular sheet
2. The character has turned stone sheet.
3. Using potions sheet.

Technically the main hero has 4 since he starts with a wooden sword, and I felt that the battler should reflect that until he gets a metal one.

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