change class

  1. Geowil

    Class Changing Restrictions [V1.3.8]

    Hello everyone, I have decided to start releasing my RMXP script conversions to MV for others to use. This will be the first of many. So, down to brass tacks. ====Terms of Use==== Free for any use (non-commercial or commercial) just request that you credit me somehow. ====Plugin...
  2. jjleroy

    Class Change: Check if (sub)class is already unlocked

    Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I am using Yanflys Class Change Core to have my lead actor have multiple classes to choosefrom. Every class has its own level. If I set the variable to Script: $gameParty.leader().level, I get the level of the class which is currently...
  3. Changing classes based on an item

    I am new to RPG Maker so I am still trying to get a handle on some things. I created an event with conditional branches which correctly changes classes based on the equipped item. I currently have that event being called in "rpg_scenes" on all equipment changes using...
  4. Jeremy Cannady

    Change Class with Different Weapon Type

    Hello Everyone, This is my first script that I have been making. I haven't done any coding before. Took me quite a while to make this work. Below is my script of changing the class of your actor when you equip a different weapon type. Please note this is not when you change a weapon but when...

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