change name

  1. Mercedes90

    [SOLVED] Need help with the "Change Name" (create), and "Name Input Processing" on another event.

    I've managed to make an Event system where it gives the Player a "membership username" (in a quest) to use for logging in to a computer, which worked fine. But... what I really wanna do, is to give the Player the freedom to choose his own login info/username by the use of the "Input Name...
  2. ovate

    Random Rename for Actor

    Random Rename - 2014.04.29 (Ver1.01) Creator name: prico Overview It's possible to randomly change the name of the actor through event command > script Features - Name list is based on male or female - You're free to add on/ modify name list Notes for Script: ChangeNameMale(X) Will randomly...
  3. GasttRos

    After Battle/Win Message

    Hi there!, i got a question : when I win a battle and the message of money and experience appears, I got a problem with the way it shows the group name and I would like to know if it is possible to change that For example: My msg show : "Dave of the group won" (Dave main/first character) And i...
  4. kamekache

    ZCHV - Final Fantasy 8 Input Name

    ZCHV - FF8 Input Name Introduction A remake clone/similar from the Name Input Menu of the SquareSoft's game "Final Fantasy VIII". It's only for RPG Maker VX Ace. I actually made it for my own project. Screenshots How to Use The configuration and instructions are in the script. Notice if...
  5. nerochepiace

    Change Class Name Request

    Hello to all. I wanted to ask if possible a plugin (or another way...) to change a class name depending on the actor using it. Obviously, that will need to work with a change class feature (I use Yanfly's BTW). Is possible a way to add a note to actor notetag to changing only for that...

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