change text color

  1. Barthdry

    What are the Other Change Text Function in RPGXP

    Sorry if the Question is bad or lame but i don't know all the functions in the Change Text Option. Also i am improving my skills with one of the complex rpgxp game pokemon essential. So i seen in the first startup of the change text option something like <ac>\c[8]\l[3](Please refer to...
  2. TSR

    TSR_TextColorAddOn by The Northern Frog

    download: TSR_TextColorAddOn v1.6.4 Author: TSR, The Northern Frog RPG Maker MV let you change the font color in text windows using the escape code '\C[x]' where x range from 0 to 31, providing colors from the default window skins of /img/system/Window.png. This simple Plugin now allow you to...
  3. Lunawolfcomics

    How to change text color?

    Hey everyone, does anyone know how to change the text color universally? Thank you  :)

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