1. atoms

    Can Yanfly's Class Change Core Facesets work in cutscenes?

    I'm planning on using Yanfly's Class Change Core in one of my game projects so the party members can change classes with ease. Link here http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/27/yep-32-class-change-core/ The plugin gives you the ability to change an actor's faceset when they switch classes. I was...
  2. rpghexe

    Changing Game Over Screen

    Howdy y'all, so I'm trying to change the default game over screen to my custom one and it's giving me issues. I got the from SumRndmDde Game Over Core plugin, I followed the tutorial to change the image, and when I get a game over it just gives me an error that the file could not be loaded. I...

    Edit the default RMMV Message Window Size?

    I need to edit the default RMMV message Window size so that the default width is 1024 instead of the full screen. I found something that looks similar to what I am looking to do, but not quite...
  4. Nightblade50

    ADMINS - Here is how to allow anyone to change their username.

    Hey. So I saw that the forum software is XenForo. With it users cannot change their username. But I looked into it and found a few things. Now this is for the admins in case they want to allow users to change their username. @Touchfuzzy @Lunarea @Archeia Here it is...
  5. Senshu

    Change Class Mid Battle

    Hello folks, I just need help with a part of a character's mechanic that I just can't get by myself, any help at all is appreciated. I have a character that switches between a Physical and Magical fighting style, and in order for the character's stats to cater to that, I actually have the two...
  6. AdamSakuru

    VE - Damage Popup change "FontFace"?

    https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/damage-popup/ I'm using Victor's Damage Popup plugin and there's a parameter for "Font Face" -Popup Fontface The parameters 'Fontface' defines the font name for the popup display. You can use script codes that returns a string with the...
  7. Could i escape the root of Event after importing or loading Save files.

    this is Example. 1. Player had to "Save" during 'Part A' of "B Event". 2. In next map, Player will be die. 3. And will import save file. the question is, after Importing that Save file, how could i escape the root("B Event").
  8. Changing forms/class during battle.

    Hi everyone, straight to the point I want my main character to be able to activate an ability (only during battle) which allows them to change their form into another character (essentially change actor or change class). I was wondering how to do this, but also how to have the actor change back...
  9. Dantalion_Crowley

    [RMMV] Renaming the title menu commands

    Although some newcomers might have asked about this, I should as well just to get it out of the way. To put it simply, how do I turn this... ...into this? I realise that there are many ways to make your title menus look pretty, but I only want to change the names of the commands. Thank...
  10. change battleshet in game

    hi all i wanna change my actor's battlesheets in game i how to change ? i search a few days but i couldnt find it if u know a code or plugin pls tell me
  11. Exayda

    RPG Maker MV Full Image Event CG?

    Hello, I would like to make a game that can display full images that cut away from the main game screen such as those in you might find in a visual novel. I believe most of the tutorials I've found are to make images appear but not full screen. Also I'm not sure about how to change from image...
  12. DaedraTalos

    Item Limit

    New plugin! Yay! Ever wanted to set a limit on any of your items/weapons/armors? Well, now you can! (And you don't even have to use plugin commands or script calls every time you want to add an item, just use the pre-made event command!) So here's how it works: Set up the custom error...
  13. Uzuki

    Classic Stat Names vs New Stat Names: Yay or Nay?

    So I'm working on the database and it kinda struck me how clashing the stat names are with my project. Seeing as the game is a post apocalyptic modern setting and although magic exists in this world, is weird to see plain ol' Magic Defense and Attack whenever I open the stat screen. I want to...
  14. Blair Pendragon

    change class doesnt change traits

    I gave my class the regen trait, and when i switched to a new class, they still retained regen. so to combat this, i made them start as a different class, that doesnt have regen. Once they change to the class with the regen trait, the regen doesnt actually carry over. Thats when I realized none...
  15. AdamSakuru

    Change animated tile frame-rate?

    I'd like to know where in the base JSS files you can alter the speed of the animated tiles! I don't need a custom plugin, I'd just like to make the frame-rate a bit faster for all the animated tiles in my project. I've been looking through rpg_sprites.js but I have not been able to find it...
  16. Zarsla

    Change Title Font.

    I'm using this plugin by SRD. And I want my title to be a different font than the default one. I know about this plugin by Galv, but it's not compatible with SRD's plugin. Does anyone know of how can change the title's font, without using Galv's plugin?
  17. ShinNessTen

    How to Start your Game - Simple Beginners Guide

    Alright, I'm sorry to tell you, but you got baited hardcore. This isn't about how you start off your Game, but about what you need to learn in order to make your Game, yourself and your Job/Hobby successful. This actually has nothing to do with how you approach Art, Eventing, Scripting...
  18. Rink27

    Change Action Target to opposite unit?

    How can I change an action's target to the opposite side? I have a state that can change the current action's target to a different one (It would randomly select a correct index. So if the player selected the enemy with index 1, it can randomly target the enemy with index 3). My challenge is...
  19. Kikko

    Changing charachter potrait and sprite

    So I want to make a place where you can change your hairstyle and clothing in my game. The problem is just that when you have the option to change clothes to the character I also have to change their portrait when they talk since there are different combinations to choose from. The only fix I...
  20. oloimp

    Small change in Galv's Magic Shards

    Hey fellow makers, I need your help with a small code change! In Galv's Magic Shards plugins, in the menu where you equip the shards, you see all the shards you can equip but also the ones you CAN'T equip - these are greyed out. I, however, need only the equippable ones to be visible and the...

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