1. Stonga

    How do I make actor specific 'normal' attacks in MV?

    I've seen scripts for VX Ace that allow special normal attacks per character, but yet i cant seem to find out how to do it in MV. What I'd like is to be able to have some characters have the normal "Attack" option (which uses the first skill slot in the editor), and other characters use perhaps...
  2. Zarsla

    Class Equip Scence

    I'm using Ellye's class change plugin where equips are use to change the class. I want a plugin that will create a "Class Equip" Scene. Basically under this scence you'll be able to change the equipment that's link up to your classes and only those ones. This scence will be completely sepreate...
  3. Harken_W

    Change battler position midgame

    I'd like a plugin in which I'd be able to change the actor's battler position during the game. I'd only be updating the position before a battle and NOT constantly during the battle. (If that somehow makes the request easier?)  I ask for this because I'd like the battler to stand in a...
  4. firestalker

    Ability to change the Status Menu

    I'm looking for a way to change the Status Screen of the Menu.  I want to move the Luck [which I changed to read Max TP] to be near the Max HP and Max MP.  Maybe even make it look similar to them as well.
  5. SeikoAllure

    How to change main character sprite later in the game.

    I'm trying to make a horror/thriller game and I want to know how to change the main actor's sprite later in the game. Example: She nice and clean at the beginning until a certain event and then she becomes muddy or bloody. Thank you in advance.
  6. Blair Pendragon

    Shield, Helm, & Accessory Term change

    Finally received my full copy of RPG Maker MV, and I'm trying to rebuild some of the basics I established in RPG Maker VX Ace. I changed Head to Armor, Armor to Accessory, and Accessory to Spirit. (Along with Main hand, and Off hand for weapon/shield.) But in MV, I can only change weapon, and...
  7. SEK


    SEK_TransferLines - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Create a TransferLine to teleport your actor to a relative location on another map or in the same map! Features -Create vertical or horizontal transfer lines to move between places  just by creating a simple event (works with regions) -the...
  8. Wes Lesley

    It's go time! (boss battle music)

    "Oh God no it's him again!" I hear you think. Yes, it is I, glory and praise be me, but only on Saturdays. So I was faffing about with RMMV and I found I could change the battle music but... it's a permanent change. I tried finding a thread on this forum and checked through written...
  9. Kip

    Editing the Character Generator

    Hello! it's me, back again, trying to do things that RPG Maker MV would rather I not do~ Today, we are making changes to the Default character Generator built in to RPG Maker MV! wooo! You see, it has come to my attention that the RPG maker software's limitations make in game characters be...
  10. Changing Color Codes and Icons in menu

    Firstly i apologize for this (probably) not being in the right spot. Anyways - how would i go about changing the color and even icons in the menu? Ex: G is the default color and symbol for gold. How would i do something like, say, R for rubies? Or even put a Ruby symbol there in place?
  11. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_DamageFace

    !!! Damage Face v.1.0 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This Plugin will change the Face Image of an Actor depending  on the HP value of each Actor. Images...
  12. Kevin Eontrainer

    Change Actor Graphic Immediately

    Hello everyone! I'd like to change my actor's appearance in battle using the Change Actor Graphics command, it does work... However... It doesn't change immediately. I use skill that calls a Common Event whose duty is to play some animation and change the actor's graphic. But the...
  13. Transition BGM when passing a certain point in the map?

    Okay so. There's a map I have where half of it is a path and the other half is a town. I have specific songs for each half of the map that I want to use. My question is how do you properly set this up? My thinking is I'll need 2 events. Both will fade out whatever bgm is playing, but after...
  14. Lakaroth

    Change Deployment Os X App game icon

    There's a way to change the game.app deployment icon in Os X? In content > Resources i have find: nw.icns I have try to change it, but nothing happened. EDIT: I have find a solution: If someone need, go to: ▸ steamapps ▸ common ▸ RPG Maker MV ▸ RPG Maker MV.app ▸ Contents ▸ MacOS ▸...
  15. Blocker

    Change window skin

    *Someone knows how to change the window in-game just in one part of the game?
  16. Evolving Classes

    Hi! I am trying to make a class system for my game based on Yanfly's Class System. In my game, Class is going to be called "Class" (duh), but Subclass is going to be called "Rank". Actors will be able to change their classes freely, but they won't be able to change their rank. While Class...
  17. Change specific party member class

    Hi all! I am pretty new with RPG Maker, so I've started my first small project, but I am having some issues with it. I would like to have "Class Masters" that make a member of your party to become that Class. Example: I have Eric the Soldier, Natalie the Monk and Terence the Paladin...
  18. scytaic

    Multiple Equipment changes character graphic (add and remove) Without script!

    Hi! :D This is my first post so forgive me if I'm doing anything wrong! I've been searching for a few hours now for a way to be able to change my character by adding or removing equipment. It was pretty easy just to add and remove one. But when I tried to find how to add and remove multiple...
  19. Blocker

    Someone knows how to change the dialogue font

    I need to change only the dialogue font help me please
  20. Kevin Eontrainer

    Script Call to Revert Battleback into Map Specified

    Hello, guys! I made an attack animation that changes battleback using common events. It works fine, until I realized how difficult it is to revert the battleback into the original. It'd be great if we can just set the change battleback into the one we already set in the Map Properties...

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