1. Korros

    Changing Font MV/8 Direction Movement

    Hello, Is it possible to change font type and the size in the game? I think that the text is kinda big. Also I heard that it was possible to make a character move in 8 directions? Does it need a plugin of some sorts? Greetings, Frank
  2. porkchoploverboy

    how to change mp3 to .ogg file quickly

    does anyone know a good program to swiftly change all my old music from vx ace(mp3) to .ogg files so i can use them all in mv? its a real pain to change a mp3 file to ogg one by one it takes such a long time and i just need some kinda way to change them all in one trip.
  3. Shin Kitsune

    Changing the UI language?

    Hello! I just downloaded the engine. SO far so good, but I have an issue regarding the UI language. I'm pretty used to using RPG Maker in English, ever since I first stumbled upon Don Miguel's translation. I tend to develop my games in said language. I know RPG Maker has official multi...
  4. MeowFace

    Map Tiles Hue Colour Change

    Made for a request here. This script allow the hue of the map tiles on the fly simply by changing the value of a game variable. Features: [1] Change Map Tile's hue colour [2] Controllable by game variable [3] Add-on script for character hue. How to Use: [1] Paste the script below...
  5. Benja

    Changing title screen image and music mid game

    I'm making it so that if you get the bad ending in my game that the title screen image and music change to be sorrowful, and if you get the good ending, a more upbeat image as well as music. How would I go about this?
  6. _Shadow_

    [Luna Engine Question] :Change position of Exp window in Status display.

    My game is built upon "Etrian" Luna Engine premade project, the one with the fancy purple and lilac interface. Now I was wondering, can we change the position of the sub window that shows up the Current Exp and To Next lvl? It is in the Status window, after selecting actor. What I wanna...
  7. Chester

    How to change Game Icon

    Hello Meow, How do you change the game icon ? I don't want it to be a red dragon head. Thanks!
  8. _Shadow_

    Request: Encounters. Control them using a script command.

    So I was thinking, we right click on a map name on the map list. We select Map Properties. And there is that huge Encounters List that is empty. We fill it with Troop to encounter, weight and range (whole map or a region). Question 1: Assume you got a map called MyMap. Can what I described...
  9. DomTSVG

    Skill Change During Battle

    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a project in which I want to implement a stored up skill system. Here's what I mean. In battle, a "skill gem" appears in the top left of the screen, with three fillable slots. This is meant to be separate from TP as each filed portion only represents...
  10. _Shadow_

    TILE ID. Changing ground tiles.

    Hello. I was on Steam and saw a question being answered by a very active member there, "Hajami". So I got a few questions arising from his own answer, and since he can not give more insight on that, I decided to move this question here, as my own, since I am interested to learn about it.  ...
  11. TheDrifter

    Change order of parameters listed in Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath

    Greetings, I have been using Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath v1.04 and I would like to change the order of parameters (actor stats) listed whenever a character levels up. Right now, stats are listed in following order: Level, HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck...
  12. DomTSVG

    Changing Sounds and Terms for Certain Actors

    Alright. I've got a little request for you scripting peeps out there if you don't mind reading. So, I've got two separate actors from different stories in a game I'm developing, and I'm using custom sounds for their collapse. The trouble is, I want to use a different sound effect for Actor 1's...
  13. DomTSVG

    Effects Scripting: Enemy Damage Request

    Hey! I've been looking for a long time for a script that can change the "effect" that is run when an enemy is damaged. Currently, the base script uses a blink effect and plays the sound, but is there a script out there that allows for custom damage effects? What I'd like to do, for a silly rpg...
  14. change the main character, how?

    Hi, I downloaded the programm yesterday so I am everything else but a profi in it... so please could you tell me how I change the main character (this knight with the white hair) into a person I created. (Please explain it step by step, I really have no clue!) Thank you :)
  15. How To Change Main Character Mid-Game?

    Hello everyone! First of all, my name is Myqpalzm, and I'm still a beginner in RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm also a new member in the forum, so please be kind :P I'm just gonna write the question: How do I change my main character into another character in mid-game, without losing its EXP, equipment...
  16. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Quote Help

    Community, Hello, I've been a lurker for about two years now and I'm currently super frustrated.  Hope someone can help me.  I use VX Ace and most Yanfly Engines (Ace, Core, Battle) and Yanfly Victory Aftermath.  Here's my problem. In my game I have an actor that cannot speak, so for the first...
  17. New to RPG Maker, need to change actor's graphic in one room only

    Hello there! First of all, I'm as new as new can be to this whole thing. I have no knowledge of any kind of scripting or programming, but I'm trying my hardest to make this work! I'm artsy and creative, but technology is far from my strong points. So please bear with me. ^^; Here's my issue...
  18. Make an item change weather in battle and the weather affects stats?

    Is it possible to make a script that allows the player to use an item in battle to change the weather? I noticed that weather cant be used in battle and weather cant affect stats, so I would like these features to be included also and maybe change the background and parallax also? If this is...
  19. Damenshi

    Change the Player Character?

    So, like it says, I'm trying to figure out a way to switch the player character mid-game. Here are the details:    My game starts in a sort of "flashback" scenario, where you play as a party that is entirely separate from the group that you will use for the rest of the game. I'd like to find a...
  20. _Shadow_

    [Weird Issue] I can not be sure about it.

    So, I was on Steam and a fellow user asked me if I could remind him how to change Battle BGS. So Event Commands, Tab 3 under System Settings, Change Battle BGM. How can you set this to change the music before the battle starts? I mean okay, a step-on event that auto triggers, can do the...

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