1. Earthtian

    Change fonts (I'm such a noob)

    Oh man....sorry for this nooby question.  How can I change the font the game uses? I know its possible but I can't find where anyone has talked about this.  I would like this a lot so if you help THANKS!
  2. Maliki79

    Changing MP cost by integer

    Hello all. I have an idea for my project but I wanted to see how feasible it was before I went forward with it. Basically, I'd like to find a way to increase (or decrease) MP use in skills by a set amount and not by a percentage when a state is applied. To be more specific, I'd like a way to...
  3. Jericho Swain

    How to Change Animation with a Skill ?

    How Do I change an animation using a skill? What I want to do is that I want my battler to use a skill that changes the regular Attack Animation. Lets say My batter uses [Fire Weapon] (adds Fire attribute to regular Attack) When I choose to Attack an enemy I want the regular attack animation...
  4. Raen Andaleio

    Changing battle message text color

    Hello everyone, I have a problem concerning text color, maybe someone has a solution to that. I replaced the original message boxes with my own design. Looks just fine, but since it's brighter than the original, the white text with black outline didn't look that good on it. Removing the...
  5. Locking Equipment

    Hey everyone, you know the event command that disables you to Save games or the one that disables you to change formation. Is there any simple script or workaround that prevents a character from changing equipment? I've been searching for some time but have failed to find anything like it...
  6. AkumaRyoshi

    How to make a choice option disappear/change once used?

    Hey there! I am an RPG Maker noob, and could really do with some help.  I have in my game a character which asks you something, and if you pick the first answer the character gives you an item. I would like to know how to make the answer where you receive an item disappear once it has been...
  7. _Shadow_

    Script equivalent for description text changing?

    Hello again. I have an actor. The ID is 001 (1) since I have only one. I was browsing the whole Script Call Equilvalent of Events old closed thread, looking for something. Since I could not find it out, anywhere... I thought I could ask once again for your help. So here comes the...
  8. vincent274

    Damaged NPC appearance change

    Hi, I have a problem with damaged characters I use from the rtp. Sometimes, when I want to put a dead NPC body in my game and talk to it (I want the main character to say something), it changes it's appearance. For example, if I talk to a dead soldier's body, it changes it's appearance to dead...
  9. Jericho Swain

    How to do I do "Change Transparency" ?

    I know what the Change Transparency option does in the Event Commands window but its just that when I'm making a cut scene and I do Change Transparency to ON, the new map will still show my main lead then it will make the main lead disappear thus Change Transparency is ON. What I need help is...
  10. muzzletgh

    Event Near BGM Change

    I kinda need a script for when a specific event gets within a certain distance of the player the BGM would change.
  11. Jericho Swain

    How do I change the Battle Song during Battle ?

    As the title says, How do I change the Battle theme song during the battle ? When I do this... the game stops and its almost as if the game froze but I think this is because I'm probably forgetting to add something to the event. Please Help and Thank you
  12. Eatos

    Changing default font to Verdana doesn't work

    Hi! I'm trying to change the default font to "Verdana" by editing "Main" but for some reason I can't. This is the code I'm using: #==============================================================================# **...
  13. Matseb2611

    Revisiting a Town

    This is something I got thinking about today and I am not sure if this topic has been done before, but here goes. When playing an RPG and you have to return to/revisit a town that you've been in already earlier in the game, how much of it do you prefer would change by the time you've revisited...
  14. FestivePotato

    Changing Font

    Hello, I decided to change the font for my game by replacing the "main" script to this: So I changed the font to Papyrus, but when I compress the game data into the autoinstaller, the font ends up changing to the default Ace one. How can I fix this?
  15. Having issues with a class changing event

    Ok here is the issue, I created a basic class called a mage and then at a later time using an event system you can upgrade to another more advance class, the problem I am having is when you get the change a couple of the advance classes are not supposed to be able to equip a staff and use a...
  16. kinglurtz

    Looking for a way to change events graphics using a different event.

    I have a wood cutting system in my game that works well, except that when the tree re-spawns the top half does not come back. I am hoping to not need to add scripts to my game just yet, because I'm still learning. The way I am currently doing it is. -two events make the tree image -player...
  17. Fonstw

    [SOLVED] Change Luck's Effect

    Howdy! I just started working on a game through RPG Maker VX Ace, and I noticed that Luck (LUK) determines the change that you are affected by a state or not? I was wondering if I could change that? I want Luck to determine whether you can hit, crit and dodge. If anyone could help me change...
  18. The Bird King

    How to make text speed slower?

    When I display text for dialogues and stuff like that, the game draws the text way too fast. This makes it so the player can skip any line of text by pressing z or enter twice, the first time showing the rest of the text, the second one skipping it.  Is there a way to control how fast text in...
  19. HenryXLII

    Changing Battle Back Mid Fight

    So say I want to make a boss so big they them selves are the background and I make the enemy invisible so you just see the background. Is there a way I can make the background turn into something else or fade off when the boss is defeated? And also is there a way to change it before the battle...
  20. The Bird King

    How to change desktop icon?

    So how do I change it, I tried mr icons.com but there were no good ones there. Does anyone know a website that has game icons? 

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