1. Three Questions..

    Ok so i have three questions...1=Highest priority 1.I have 10 classes and start of as a ghost with nothing so i can pick a class and get the items BUT i cant change the sprite...This is what i have so far. @>Text   A monk well at buffing and debuffing!   He only intends good deeds.Main...
  2. Ninjaroy

    [RPGMVXAce] Changing Menu Selection Graphic

    Hello there. I was wondering if there was any way to change the graphic of the menu selection. I mean the fading box that appears above what you are hovering over in the title screen. Thanks! 
  3. InfinateX

    Composite Faces

    Composite Faces Hello there. I recently started production on a new RMVX game. While this isn't exactley headline news for somebody like me. (I abandon projects too often...) In my new game, it is possible to completely create your own unique character, through use of Modern Algebra's...
  4. ApproximatelyCats

    Change battle background music during battle?

    Hello all! I am working on a game in VX, and I am trying to have it where in battle you are fighting the monster and when it's hp gets to a certain point the bgm changes. Any help here? I have tried making an event in troops but nothing happens
  5. Change Game language?

    Hi im new to this site and forum and i recently got RPG maker VX, and was making my game but whenever i am in combat the language has Chinese characters after the english name can someone help me?

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