1. Almightypebble

    How do you update your project and change old options?

    Hey guys! It might seem like a weird question, but I'm not sure how to go about updating my game with new stuff and have it acknowledge that some things have changed. From what I can tell, if you load a save file some things wont get updated, so everything that is NEW and shows up further ahead...
  2. Kevin Eontrainer

    Animation Changes Battleback

    Hello guys I'm new here :D I've been making an RPG game lately and I reqally do like making cool attack animations. But there's one more thing that is missing.... the background effects. Have you guys ever played like a Pokemon game? Certain moves like Blizzard or Psychic changes the...
  3. SimpleYeti

    Upgradable Bases (Mapping Question)

    Howdy! So I'm very new, I bought the game when it came out but only recently really started experimenting. My main question for now is; How would you best go about making an visually upgradable base. I plan to make some sort of home camp/base that my players can return to. And throughout the...
  4. Farendal

    Change A Follower's Default Weapon?

    Hi, for my game I have a side quest where you can go out alone and get a weapon for your follower, the weapon is never added to your inventory though. I want to have it when you turn in the quest the follower's default weapon changes to that one so I can have it if you did that quest every time...
  5. wrigty12

    Help with Changes to modern algebra's Questlog

    I am looking for someone that is well versed in scripting, as well as familiar with modern algebra's Questlog. I am looking for tweeks to the design of the original script, in order to fit my game better, but I have no experience specifically in Ruby scripting. What I want: 1) I would be able...
  6. Kitty_hime1

    Can't apply changes!

    I need to apply the changes to my database but I can't make the screen smaller anyone else have this problem?

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