1. KingKraken

    Cast/Chant animation based on class.

    Hey all! I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a plugin that can change a characters casting animation based on their class. The way my game works, is similar to the Persona series in the sense that you collect these spirits(tied to class) and summon them for specific attacks. My issue...
  2. Changing Wait/Idle animation for item use in battle

    Hey there! I am utilizing SV actors for the game I am working on. By default, whenever using an item in battle, the "wait" animation that plays before performing the turn and using the item is set to the the sprite_actor.motion "wait". I attempted to browse through the JS files in hopes of...
  3. [Ace] Victor Scripts Chanting Animation (solved)

    Hey all, I've been working with Victor's Animated Battler script on my project. I'm probably an intermediate user when it comes to scripting ruby in VX-Ace I'm probably an intermediate user. I've had success with debugging and troubleshooting most issues on my own but for my latest problem I've...

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