1. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_StageSelector

    !!! Stage Selector v.1.1 !!! :Author: SkottyTV (Special Thanks to Lantiz) Latest Updates: Description: This will add a Stage Selector to your Game. From here you can handle some sort of Teleporter Stone which will transfer you to different Towns for a small amount of...
  2. Mr. Trivel

    Map Selection

    Name: Map Selection Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-03-28   What does it do? Allows to travel to different maps from a single scene.   Gif:   How to use? Plugin Commands: MapSelection Start - Enters Map Selection Scene MapSelection Add...
  3. MeowFace

    Fade in Short Text

    Made for a request here. This script make uses of the map name window and let you display short texts with it that fades in and out just like the map names. So you may use it to display achievements, chapters or any other short texts you like. Features: Short text that fades in and out...
  4. MeowFace

    Chapter Select

    Made for a request here. Features: [1] Game starting by selecting a Chapter. [2] Unlock-able new chapters. [3] Each Chapter able to start with its own map & starting characters. [4] Inheritable save files for each chapter. [5] Can set up to 10 Chapters max. [6] Change-able Background/Text...
  5. Official Lost Souls

    Unlockable Chapter System

    Hello fellow RPG makers! So, for my game, I'd like a script that makes a chapter system like in the image below: Basically where after pressing "Start", they're taken to a chapter select screen where they have to unlock chapters by playing the previous chapter(s) in the story. It's kind of...
  6. Official Lost Souls

    Is there a way to implement a Chapter System?

    Hi fellow RPG makers. I have a question. Is it possible to create a chapter system as well as a chapter select screen on the homepage? For example, I want mine to be similar to the one in Corpse Party
  7. TheOddFellow

    From Game Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 Game Loading?

    I've searched around the net and have found nothing slightly related to my question phrased in the topic title above. I realize I can drag save files from one game (if it is unencrypted) to another game file (also not encrypted) and load up just fine (while all the items exist, map ID is within...
  8. IndecisiveEevee

    Multiple Character Chapters?

    Hewwo! I need major help! I'm making a game in which the player gets to use several different characters, each in their own little "chapters" of the story. I don't "know" exactly "how" to "do" this, but that's why I have you guys, the great RPG Maker forumers, if that's how you say it. Thank you...
  9. Joracas

    Chapter Images

    Information I was feeling a bit bored, so I thought I would create chapter screens! I made a total of 14 images, those being chapter 1 through 10, an introduction, a prologue, an epilogue, and a game over screen. Terms of Use You are free to use my content in any commercial or non-commercial...
  10. Chapter select in main menu

    Hello this is my first post! I am making a horror game, and I found that I liked the corpse party style title screen with multiple endings and a chapter select screen. My problem is that I can't figure out how to do the chapter select. I have tried looking at the forums and found nothing of...

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