1. Narch

    RMMV MOG Char Particle Effects - Particles priority (layer) tied to event. Seeking help to make it independent.

    Hello. As said in the title, I'm seeking help from someone to modify this MOG script to allow particles to be displayed on one of the 3 layers, independently of the event layer. Plugin commands includes: "EVENT_ID : MODE : POWER : BLEND : X : Y : POSITION : FILENAME", but there's no option for...
  2. SpearSleepy

    Infernity Resources XD

    Hello everyone, I am new to making resources, but I would like to share with you the ones I create. Personally, I love things of a paranormal and horror nature, so my contributions will not stray far from those topics that I am passionate about. I hope do you like it. TERMS Shadow...
  3. Avery

    Stand tall - A list for tall MV Sprites

    I did not want to hijack @mlogan s thread, so I made a new one, I am sorry if that causes any inconvenience, but I got several people asking where to get tall MV sprites and I felt there was a need for a list that is as complete as possible. I only state if commercial use is generally okay, for...
  4. UBCS_Karl

    [Original Character + Faceset] Mamaxabras Babal

    Hi everyone! This is my very first post. Today I'd like to show you an original character from my story: Mamaxabras Babal. (No, Mama doesn't mean mother, in this case it means Master in their language.) Feel free to use it just make sure to credit me. I took a blank character template from...
  5. Edilsonsoares

    Hair Records / Sheets

    I'm in desperate need of a hair sprite leaves or grass I need to put this characters here I tried to make myself more was not cool  ;_;
  6. DKP


    Hello members i need help and i want to ask something, anyone have normal sprites, faces and big potraits(buts) of 4 heroes in the wallpaper ? anyone still have the resources ? thank you (VXACE/VX)
  7. Lift Charset

    Hello, guys  :rock-right: Well, I was looking everything in the Resource Showcase, and I saw a lot of interesting stuff. I think there, somewhere, I saw a charset of a lift, but so I lost the link 'cause I was in my tablet and forgot to save it. And now, here I am, praying for help.  ;_; Can...
  8. Pititia12

    Pack Chars No Game No Life [04-07-14] [+Kurami]

            It is just a package of chars of the anime No Game No Life for those who like and / or need to use. Simple chars, made ​​by a boy who can barely be considered a Spriter, so do not expect anything complex and sophisticated. What I want with it? I want you, beginners, to use...
  9. Pititia12

    Pack Chars Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan [+Eren Titan] [1.0]

    What is it? It's just a pack of chars of the anime Shingeki Kyojin / Attack on Titan for those who want to use. No, I do not want ratings about shading or similar things, I know I'm still not a good pixel artist, but I'm doing my role as maker helping those who cannot do. For while there are...

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