chara gen parts

  1. Astaltw

    Astaltw's MZ content

    Hey folks, guess who is back?! Yeah just me, duh! Not gonna do an underwear vid like BelleDelphine though! I plan to do simple Vibrato's battler when I have time, perhaps some portrait if I ever get satisfied with the quality of any of them. And, as I did before, some map TV helmet and sv_actor...
  2. RMAce Looking for Char generator collars

    Hi there, I'm looking for some collars for my char generator as an accessoire something like this preferably in different colors, but just black qould also be fine Thanks in advance:kaothx:
  3. fantasy clothing for char gen

    im looking for clothing that normal fantasypoeple use in citys as character gen parts oras sprites
  4. town npc

    i need mytowns to be lively and the character gen doenst have normal city clothes im not good at sprite art so i ask are there good town clothing sprites or gen parts
  5. The Working Man

    Police Helmet and accessories

    Hi there everyone Firstly I am using MV. I am in need of a police helmet that I can add to the character generator, a sort of English looking one like in the photo provided. I don't suppose someone can point me in the right direction or if they can create one? I am trying to recreate a...
  6. Brellelasouls

    Character Gen Parts Not Working!!!

    So I'm trying to download some more character generator parts and I keep getting all these errors, either the pieces won't show up at all or they'll look like the image below. I'm new to RPG Maker and tried to fix it myself but nothing seems to help. Please help, or give me some sort of...

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