charachter generator

  1. MRD256

    Character Generator Problems

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, so please correct me if not But I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV's character generator. Whenever I try to adjust the skin tone of females... it doesn't change from the default skin tone. It only does this on the TV and TVD sprites, Face...
  2. Journey_Sticks

    Posting resources questions

    I have a handful of resources that I either created or edited from base game graphics. I want to share them, but I am not sure what the best way to go about it would be. Should I categorize them in separate posts (ie, robots on one post, Tileset on another, weapons on another) or would it be...
  3. Zuzza

    RMVXA Ingame char creator - I would like to receive your feedback!

    Hi! First post here, after a long time just looking and replying (I hope I'm not posting on the wrong forum, but if so, I'm sorry and thank you for moving! ^^). I developed a character creator (was created to be used in a farming simulator) that can be used by the player and wanted to know how...
  4. Vaschak

    Importing character generator DLC

    I have this folder in my DLC files called "Modern_Generator" and i'd like to know if there is a way to import it just to one project or do i have have to go to...steamapps->common->RPG Maker MV->Generator...and paste the contents of the file "Modern_Generator". Or those it exist a way to just...
  5. EmillyYamasaki

    [RMMV] Mahou Shoujo Character Generator Parts

    I'm Looking For Something Like Illya's Clothes by Fate Kalleid or Something Similar and Pink
  6. ZeuroMiller

    Creating Main Charachter

    Hello, I recently started using RPG maker VX ace. When I started there was a main character. I used the character generator to make a new and custom character but I found that I could only use it as a NPC. However I want that character to be the main character. I searched for this problem but...

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