charachter generator

  1. I bought the Beast Man DLC and I'm having a problem with DLC body not showing up in the walking character.

    I bought the DLC and it was automatically installed immediately. There is a separate folder of the DLC named Body, which consists of SV TV and TVD, but the FG face file is put into the face folder. I tried renaming the files to match and separating the files into each folder of Generator but it...
  2. RageOfFire

    Character generation with weapon ?

    Is there any generation pack allow me to create character with default weapon ? Like carry the sword behind them in 4 directions like this one
  3. Character generator spritesheet help for MZ

    Hello there. I have that character generator from "Limzu" (see here: and it makes a spritesheet, shown in attachment. Is it somehow possible to convert this into MZ or MV?
  4. Looking for the impossible, clothes, accessories etc etc...

    Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my post, welcome. Today, after several weeks of research, I come to ask for your help in order to find what is blocking me in the creation of my game. I can't start, because the characters (basic I guess) don't really suit me. So your help and your ideas and...
  5. MRD256

    Character Generator Problems

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, so please correct me if not But I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV's character generator. Whenever I try to adjust the skin tone of females... it doesn't change from the default skin tone. It only does this on the TV and TVD sprites, Face...
  6. Journey_Sticks

    Posting resources questions

    I have a handful of resources that I either created or edited from base game graphics. I want to share them, but I am not sure what the best way to go about it would be. Should I categorize them in separate posts (ie, robots on one post, Tileset on another, weapons on another) or would it be...
  7. Zuzza

    RMVXA Ingame char creator - I would like to receive your feedback!

    Hi! First post here, after a long time just looking and replying (I hope I'm not posting on the wrong forum, but if so, I'm sorry and thank you for moving! ^^). I developed a character creator (was created to be used in a farming simulator) that can be used by the player and wanted to know how...
  8. Vaschak

    Importing character generator DLC

    I have this folder in my DLC files called "Modern_Generator" and i'd like to know if there is a way to import it just to one project or do i have have to go to...steamapps->common->RPG Maker MV->Generator...and paste the contents of the file "Modern_Generator". Or those it exist a way to just...
  9. EmillyYamasaki

    [RMMV] Mahou Shoujo Character Generator Parts

    I'm Looking For Something Like Illya's Clothes by Fate Kalleid or Something Similar and Pink
  10. ZeuroMiller

    Creating Main Charachter

    Hello, I recently started using RPG maker VX ace. When I started there was a main character. I used the character generator to make a new and custom character but I found that I could only use it as a NPC. However I want that character to be the main character. I searched for this problem but...

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