character animation

  1. Lee Sang

    RMMZ Make Galv Character Animation compatible with SAN Analog Stick

    Hello. I'm making a game for mobile and need a pixel movement and character animation plugin, but only Galv one and SAN Analog Stick have worked so far. Unfortunately, the plugins worked fine separately but not together. With both plugins enabled, the character couldn't move at all, and it kept...
  2. RageOfFire

    Character generation with weapon ?

    Is there any generation pack allow me to create character with default weapon ? Like carry the sword behind them in 4 directions like this one
  3. lazysmoke

    RMMV Anyone else get Altimit Character Animations to work? This sounds like a really powerful plugin in conjunction with Altimit Pixel Movement, but it seems like development and documentation has stopped. Going off of the usage detailed in the post, and a demo...
  4. Create custom [SV] Motion type for battle animations?

    Hi all. In my game I'm trying to implement a Berserk/Rage mechanic and want to make an [SV] Motion for it, like the ones you get for sleep and status effects (see below). However, I can't seem to find a way to add another animation type. There's no option to do so in the 'Types' menu either...
  5. My Walk cycle isn't working

    I have two problems that i desperately need help with 1: I have a walk cycle for a character and it only shows 3 animations (1 row) instead of all 12 (4 rows). I've tried everything and it's not working :(( 2: I want to change my main character for my game but everything I do doesn't work...
  6. bluevegas02

    Phoenix Walking Character Animation

    Hello, Resource Type: (Walking character sprite, monster) Maker Format: (MV or MZ) Art Style: (Honestly not sure. I just really need it to look more so like a phoenix rather than looking like just a regular bird.) Description: (As I mentioned before, looking for an actual walking character...
  7. Mohitrani

    Swinging blades like Dark Souls Sen's Fortress? [MV]

    Hi, i was wondering if there were some tiles that could be used as a swinging blade trap like the ones in Sen's Fortress you know, does anyone know if someone already made something like that? thank you
  8. RadioactiveArcade

    [SOLVED] How to make a character dance on prompt - set movement route(?)

    To be more specific; The player will have a chance to ask a character if they know any tricks, and the character will respond by dancing. I want the Left, Right, and Up sections of that character's sprite sheet to be 3 different dances, the down section is just the idle pose. I figured it would...
  9. Chuck4688

    Character Eyes

    Hi. I really don't know how and what tags to use to search this question, but... Does anyone of you know how to make a character's eyes, open and close? I've seen a bunch of rpg maker vx ace game where the character's eyes open and close during cutscene etc. Hope you guys could help me out. Thanks.
  10. Aquin25

    Creating a riding image.

    Hey... was wondering if there was an easy way to create a riding image, as I have a scene in my story where the protag is riding a wolf. (I've been mostly using base assets, with character sheets from the character generator & Spritecreator. Any recommendations on how to pull this off?
  11. beezuschrist

    Is it possible to loop character expression idle animations?

    I have a series of looping images that I want to use for my character's idle animation. Is it possible to make the animation seamlessly loop? I am not using Live2D.
  12. numituwi

    Victor Engine Character Control but for MV?

    Good afternoon everyone! :kaohi: I've been waiting for a few years for Victor Engine Character Control on VX Ace to have a MV equivalent but I figured it wasn't in demand. Essentially I want to be able to categorize animations with a call rather than doing everything manually through move route...
  13. Putting character battle sprites on a map

    So this is kind of a weird question I feel, but I'd like to put a battle sprite on a map and just have it play the default battle stance animation for an npc. I copied and resized a battle sprite sheet and put it in the correct folder, but when I put it into an event, it doesn't move. I should...
  14. nahubun

    !Help! Event character sheet animation glitch RPGMAKER MV

    In my game I use the character sheets for somewhat larger animations. I put all the frames on the middle row for each character sprite section on the character sheet document and make it play as an animation using the 'Set Movement Route' command. For some reason, though this usually works fine...
  15. captainette777

    SV actors on the overworld Map?

    Hey all, need some help if possible for a weird idea I have. I mentioned before that I'm making a tactics game, where you'd fight on the overworld rather than a typical RPG battle scene. I wondered if it would be more interesting if instead of using the plain overworld sprites on the map during...
  16. Making character busts blink during dialogue events?

    My project only has four characters, but I have a lot of busts made up for each, with differing facial expressions to convey better how the character feels about whatever may be happening during dialogue/cutscenes. I also have "eyes closed" versions of each because I was hoping to add in a...
  17. Lonewulf123

    Zoom Cast Animation

    Hello, I'm looking to create a zoom effect for an enemy as their cast animation. I'm using a front view battle system, and am looking for a way to apply a simple zoom effect before the character attacks. If anyone is familiar with LISA, this effect was used when some of the enemy characters...
  18. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    How to make animations

    I can't find anything about this anywhere! even the help pages don't show it. What if I wanted to make a character blink, or open their mouth and close it again while talking. I see there's the option to add extra pictures to do this, but how do you set it so the character only blinks a few...

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