character creation ex

  1. RMMV Sumrdmdde Character Creator-EX: Sprites aren't working.

    So, I couldn't find much in the way of help on the internet, so now I've turned here. Sumrdmdde's Character Creator-EX is acting weird. The character creator UI opens up, and I can create a character, with its potential display up; but once I close the creation menu, the only thing that remains...
  2. RMMV MOG' Monogatari and SmRndmDde CharactersCreator Ex

    I'm trying to figure out a way to use Mog's Monogatari menu and apply a in-game CC generated face on it. So far, I think the only way to do it was to change some scripts, although, I'm not familiarized with js coding. Anyone knows a way to do it or knows some similar plugin that supports in game CC?
  3. prulde

    Problem With SRD_CharacterCreator EX and SRD_TimmedAttack_Arrows plugins

    The first (and only the first) Arrows-using attack per battle does not display any arrows graphics at all (although the timer graphic still appears, and the buttons can still be pressed to successfully initiate the attack). All Arrows-using attacks after the first work well (until game restart)...
  4. Help with Character Creation EX plugin (TypeError - cannot read property 'name')

    Plugin page: Hello, all! I was hoping to get help for Character Creation EX plugin, as I've been staring at this the whole day and have only been growing more frustrated. First off: I currently have the background, customface pngs, etc. at...

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