character customization

  1. Terozu

    [RMMV] I finally got a system set up to allow players to use Custom Pronouns. Is there an easier way for this?

    I thought 'how hard could it be'? Then it occurred to me that every instance of a pronoun would have to account for whether it would need to be capitalized or not. Hahaha. So I eventually frankensteined this monstrosity off basic coding tips on the Javascript site and some things I saw on...
  2. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Banbard: The Lost Tale (character customization RPG Demo)

    Download: Twitter (to help spread the word) In a world where humans roamed the lands as nomads and elves researched the mysteries of the world. The elves looked into the power of the mind and were able to gather energy from the land: this...
  3. orochi2k

    RMXP [NEOLITHIC] To the End (In Early Access, Still Working In Progress)

    [NEOLITHIC] To the End Demo: steam://install/1549460 Game Early Access on December 8, 2021. Price: $3.99 (All future updates are free. The demo will sync with the main game periodly. Thus, in theory, you don't even need to buy the game to enjoy most of its functions) Steam store page: Click...
  4. Catog

    RMMV Telum Fatalem

    The story of a would-be treasure hunter who, with one blunder, changes his perception of the world as he knows it. [/SPOILER] Thank you so much, and if you have any questions, comments, etc., don't hesitate to comment below! We look forward to taking this journey with...
  5. SomebodySomething

    Hey Would A Completely Randomised Game Be Possible?

    I apologise if I'm posting on the wrong Board here, but I've looked around for months and haven't found the right information I need to make this work and I'm unsure if plugins or coding are the way to go here. I want to make a RPG that's almost 98% randomised, and I'm really not good at coding...
  6. Gapple

    Character Customization - Animals?

    Hey guys, I've been using RMMV for a while now and in my game I decided I would like to have an animal character. I thought using the Character Generator I would be able to use the customization menus but it doesn't look right. The Generator doesn't provide enough like an animal nose, etc. And...
  7. Play As Monster?

    I'm new so If this was posted in the wrong section i'm sorry. I tried to read ll the rules but i'm not sure where my post goes. I was wondering if its possible in RPG Maker to have the playable character be a monster. Like an actually monster. Not a green human, Not a knight. A CREATURE.  ...
  8. The_Exiled_One

    RPG Maker VX Ace RTP Style Face Requests

    I'm looking for customized characterfaces to use in my RPG in progress. The face sets would also only have a single facial feature so that they could be used in any scenario, but would still fit their characters. I would like it if the busts did look professional though in their design though...

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