character design

  1. EchoTULF

    Pixel Sprites and Dialogue Icons

    I was trying to learn aspects of RPG Maker MV and I was super excited to jump into the art side of things and here is what I came up with and it inspired me to want to pursue this character and want to make a game. But I just wanted to share my first iteration of this character!
  2. Jons

    FREE Artist/Illustrator/Character Designer looking to contribute to first project

    Hi all, My name's Jon and I'm an Illustrator looking to offer my services for a game project. I've been a Graphic Designer professionally for 5 years and have been passionately pushing my art hobby for longer, but have kept my work personal until now. Contributing to a game is something I've...
  3. kiyasu

    Merry Christmas to everyone! [Christmas Illustration of KIYASU OKA]

    Hello, RPG Maker Web community! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Below are my Christmas pictures that I just sent via e-mail to my contacts, and I wanted to share them all with the community. I don't have everybody's e-mail addresses and I might have missed some people...
  4. EdenGenesisWs

    Which dimensions should I choose for the creation of characters?

    Hello everyone, I know this might sound strange or stupid to you, but I would like to understand how sprite sheets work in RPG Maker. I mean, I have often seen sprite sheets that include all the movements of the created characters, but I don't understand how these are separated in the...
  5. WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop [Slots 0/1]

    Welcome to "WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop" Artist's Introduction: I'm a self proclaimed artist working towards improving and making myself known. I draw original art and fan art on a semi regular basis. Procrastination and skill limitations prevent me from releasing more...
  6. Terozu

    Opposite of perverted?

    Okay, title might seem weird but here's the basic explanation. My game has different personality meters that change with dialogue options allowing differing dialogue options and giving new ways to solve/worsen situations. The current set up is: Jokester - Serious, Humorous character vs no...
  7. ShellyValeras

    Markiplier Resources Please!

    Resource Type: Characters, Battlers, Facesets, weapon(warfstash gun), attack animation set (warfstash{both pink and blue}), Tiny Box Tim Character model Maker Format: MV Art Style: I would prefer the original MV art style if possible thank you. Description: I need a Markiplier Character set...
  8. Kunaired


    I want to share my art with you guys I will add more different kind of samples. :D I hope you like it! :barf: [/SPOILER]
  9. Puruiro

    Puru's Artworks

    Hello everyone, here I'll gonna share my art :kaohi: Thanks for looking! :kaoluv:
  10. l8rose

    L8rose's Art Stuffs

    I figure a thread is better then falling into the habit of spamming the other art thread every couple of days as that would eventually happen. -coughs- This first post will generally be updated with the second to newest things on the thread but always see the newest posts for the newer sketches...
  11. JJoshuaMultimedia

    Characters, The Master Cook

    Hi. Here's some characters I designed for a game I'm developing, The Master Cook. These characters are the 'enemies' (but not really) who you feed using various meals created through minigames and food combinations (at least that's part of the plan). I felt like sharing. :)
  12. MV Character design : Fuse/Miximo, Daz3D vs GCH vs Spriter vs Daz3D vs MakeHuman

    Hello, I spent 197 hours to discover RPG Maker MV and try things, now I'd like to have a custom design for my characters. I'm not much into "chibi" cute design, more into standard characters like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Context : 9/10 project organization (my job), 7/10 web dev (my old...
  13. Brillenpinguin

    Characters with disability

    Hello everyone! I proposed this topic to a different forum a few months ago and thought it might still be a very inetresting topic to talk about with you. In an older thread I asked for some advices on how to portrait a mute character without using dialogue in my game. When I read those I...
  14. EddyVizion

    Project Raven - Recurting Mappers, Scriptwriters and More..

    PROJECT RAVEN Thanks you for taking your time to look up this forum post and welcome to Project Raven. Project Raven is just a code name, the real name will be decided as a group   This is a start of a new game that I really want to get started with. The aim of the game is to make an JRPG game...
  15. jwhitnee

    Character Artist: JWhitney

    Hello! I am a senior art student studying illustration and concentrating in game art. I specialize in character art and character design. Whether you need me to design a character for your project, or just create illustrations for your preexisting ones, I can help with your character art needs...

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