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  1. kiyasu

    Merry Christmas to everyone! [Christmas Illustration of KIYASU OKA]

    Hello, RPG Maker Web community! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Below are my Christmas pictures that I just sent via e-mail to my contacts, and I wanted to share them all with the community. I don't have everybody's e-mail addresses and I might have missed some people...
  2. joseeph

    (Recruitment) The After Night Game- Mystery/Horror RPG

    Hello to all who are reading this, i find myself in the need of assistance on creating a rpg horror-(ish) game. :popcorn:   THE GAME:     -------------------Introduction Of The Story-----------------     i would like to start off making a few maps for the...
  3. starlord

    [Recruitment Reset] Across the Night - Mystery/Horror RPG

      When I was done playing Misao, The Mad Father and The Witch's House, I know I just have to make a horror RPG. They're very soulful yet so exciting and thrilling. I know I dont have any experiences with any RPG game productions, but I can assure you that I'll give my all to this...
  4. [RECRUITMENT] need illustrator or graphic designer+ music composer!

    Hello, I am making an horror RPG maker game and I need help I am currently working in this team: me (doing the mapping, WHERE I NEED HELP WITH, the events and scripting) my cousin (writing the story) my friend (taking care of my website) I am going to publish this game on my website. The...
  5. Candon

    Finally Going Public

            Greetings all, my name is Clayton. I'm known in gaming as MageisHero, and Candon on the RPG MakerWeb Forums. I first started using RPG Maker when I bought RPG Maker 2 for PlayStation 2. I loved it so much, to be able to make anything. I made funny scenes and adventures. But anyway, I...

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