character generation

  1. NekoChanLP

    Searching for Tilesets,Cloths and Maybe more Eyes and Hair

    Hello guys, (sorry for my bad english its not my main language) i am pretty new to RPG Maker MV and i want to make a game based on Danganronpa on Hopespeak (dont worry i dont want to do copyright stuff exept for a Monokuma model) And now i search for a tileset school based. I want to build...
  2. lunarrosecrow

    Shadow People

    RPG Maker MV: Character Generator Part TV and SV Male (If there is a female version wouldn't mind that also) Does anyone have a Clothing or Facial Mark that turns the characters body completely Black like "PITCH" Black here two is an example below
  3. Gianmarco

    How to find and add modern clothing for the editor

    Hi everyone, I am making (actually almost finished) a game in which the protagonist is a 16 years old Italian male or female studying in a contemporary high school. I need some modern clothing to add into the editor for them, nothing difficult: a simple hoodie, a pair of jeans, some t-shirts...
  4. MZ Character Generator Bug

    So, I've encountered a very strange bug with the MZ Character Generator. Basically, I originally modified both the TV_Body_p01 and the TV_Body_p01_c female body parts png file, then later in the generator I noticed that this caused the transparency of the image to no longer work, even though the...
  5. lerugray

    Character Generator Question

    Hello all, in the interest of not bombarding one member with tons of questions, I figured I would ask for help here. Gracious member Traveling Bard came up with this logic for setting events for a character generation idea I had, below is the logic. As of right now I've been putting these...
  6. lerugray

    Can a conditional branch check 2 data types?

    Hi Similar to an 'and' function when testing for truthiness. I am wondering, if multiple things are true within a conditional branch for example: variable a = 3 If variable a is >= 1, show alpha If variable a is >= 2, show alpha and bravo If variable a is >= 3, show alpha, bravo, and...
  7. lerugray

    How to change how stats work, revamp combat, and tailor VX Ace to my own mechanics.

    Hello all, this is a rather long post as i've been working on this a while, I appreciate your patience and understanding if I posted this correctly, its been a while. I'm back at VX Ace as there is a full functioning plugin that makes your game into a first person dungeon crawl. I have a fully...
  8. The Working Man

    Police Helmet and accessories

    Hi there everyone Firstly I am using MV. I am in need of a police helmet that I can add to the character generator, a sort of English looking one like in the photo provided. I don't suppose someone can point me in the right direction or if they can create one? I am trying to recreate a...
  9. onewingedangel666

    What would the best way to go about this be?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to make a game, and am stuck on a character generation system. What i want to do is have a bunch of choosible sprites without any clothes, just hair, eyes, and body (Of course, underwear), as I'm going to use a composite graphics script with armor. Theres a few ways I...
  10. littlegreenjason

    Old School Modern Tiles w/ Game Character Hub?

    Hi all, I'm interested in purchasing the Old School Modern DLC because I really like the Earthbound visual style but I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to be completely happy with the default character designs and will probably want to create my own.  I searched for an Earthbound-like sprite...

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