character generator parts

  1. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Looking this clothes for character generator

    If someone has even at least similar, please pass it to me.
  2. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Clothes for the Character Generator (MV)

    Resource Type: Clothes, Character Generator Parts. Maker Format: MV Description: I'm looking for clothes for the character generator, mainly medieval or Japanese style, does anyone have?
  3. [MV] Futuristic Sci-Fi Eye Visor

    Im looking to create a futuristic techno visor for the character generator in RPG Maker MV. Im trying to make the art style more common to the default one and the one's people post as most of the characters I plan to make will be mashups of various resources online. All credits will go to the...
  4. Jyger85

    Freckles for RMMZ Male?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I was just wondering if A, someone has already created freckles for the RMMZ character generator that could be used for male characters, or B, someone could CREATE such a thing?
  5. Generator

    I just downloaded on Steam and discovered the DLC packages in my Steam Folder - what fun! I got most everything I could imported, but I cannot figure out how to get items into the character generator - nor can I find where weapons images are supposed to come in. Some help would be greatly...
  6. LadyBaskerville

    LadyBaskerville's Random Resources

    This is a collection of random resources (mostly edits) I made for requests or for myself. Terms of use: Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial RPG Maker projects. Credit is appreciated, but not required. Edits and reposts of edits are allowed. Since most of these are edits of...
  7. Trying to use Hiddenone's Resources-Character Generator

    Hello, I found a website with a plethora of Character Generator resources (, and I downloaded the catch-all file. I then put the images in the correct system folders, but the Character Generator will not read the images. When I select an image, such as...
  8. Generic Plate Armor - Character Generator Accessory

    After searching everywhere for something like this, and coming up with nothing. I decided to make it myself. This is a set of plate armor to use in the character generator. Instead of having multiple pieces like gloves, helmet, chest, etc.. I wanted a full set. I'm using Yanfly's animated side...
  9. Crusader helmet

    Hi there, I've been having fun with the character generator recently but noticed there wasn't many helmets available. I'm after a crusader style generator helm drawn for a main character, or if there is already one somewhere i missed. The full face upside down bucket kind that hides the wearers...
  10. omegadaxer

    Looking for a specific Generator Accessory to be drawn

    Hello~! I'm looking to see if someone can create a specific accessory for me: a beanie! (Or Toboggan, depending on where you're from.) The image of the beanie is attached. I'd prefer the drawing to have no text, but still have the red rectangle visible. It's to be put on a male character's...
  11. KaiWeWi

    Kai's resources for MV

    Hey everyone! I hope you are making good progress with all of your projects. Here are some small presents that might be useful to you. Some are my own original work, others are MV RTP edits. (If you want to use those you must have a licence of RPG Maker MV.) My original work posted in this...
  12. Searching for specific Character generator parts(rpg vx ace)

    Hi, i'm looking for additional ressources for the 'ingame' rpg vx ace character generator. I already found some, but I specially search for one, where the haabit of the nun (people 2-2) is splitted in body and headdress. Thanks in advance Sorry for my english ;) Additional would it be nice...
  13. buko210

    How do I change Character Generator stuff on Mac?

    Hi! I'm using RPG Maker MV on Mac via Steam. I'm not sure if I'm doing my stuff right. What I do is I replace the images (pngs) in the Generator folder found in (Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RPG Maker MV/Generator). I already relaunched RPG Maker MV too and even tried to...
  14. Brellelasouls

    Character Gen Parts Not Working!!!

    So I'm trying to download some more character generator parts and I keep getting all these errors, either the pieces won't show up at all or they'll look like the image below. I'm new to RPG Maker and tried to fix it myself but nothing seems to help. Please help, or give me some sort of...

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