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  1. Tea's Jams

    RPG Maker MZ The Basics Tutorial Series

    In this series we go through the A-Z's of developing a game in RPG Maker MZ. RPG Maker MZ The Basics - User Interface Overview Tutorial How to make a Map in RPG Maker MZ The Basics Tutorial RPG Maker MZ The Basics - Character Generator How to use the Event Editor Tutorial RPG Maker MZ The...
  2. Ely

    RpgXp and VX Ace Character Generator Parts (SKTP) (Backup)

    So in December of 2020 flash websites won't work anymore (or so I was told ) So I made a back up of one of my favorite rpg maker vx ace and Rpg maker Xp character generators. Credits to the original creators Here is the original character generator...
  3. EmmaB

    Question about Spriter Pro + RPG Heroes Art Pack

    Hi everyone, I have been looking around for any character generators that could be used to make busts for characters. After looking at Spriter Pro, it looks like it might fit my needs but I am wanting to know if it has a good variety of Sci-fi/modern character parts, as I am wanting to make a...
  4. MushroomCake28

    Character Generator parts on the forum

    Hi, I'm looking for the main workshops or the main collections of character generator parts for MV on this forum that allow the use of their asset for free for commercial games. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just a collection of diversified assets (clothes, accessories, different...
  5. Creative Ed

    Balanced Stat Generator

    When working on large scale games with lots of characters/enemies it can be hard to keep things balanced when coming up with their stats, that's why I decided to create this tool. Balanced Stat Generator at Balanced Stat Generator is a tool that alows developers to generate stats...
  6. Kristina

    Skin color bug?

    Hi, I'm using the character generator in RPG Maker MV and I want to change the skin color, but I can't with walking sprites...have anyone tried that?
  7. Strategery

    How (or where should I go) to make ghost sprites?

    I'm hoping this is the right place for this post, but I'm working on a game project that has a couple of NPCs that are ghosts. In my mind, I'm picturing a sprite that is either a white outline of a character with no fill in, or a bluish outline with a white fill-in. In either case, the outline...
  8. Tome571

    Universal Character Generator - any sized sprites, faces or images

    Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I've been working with whtdragon on my game and we have been working with tall sprites. One of the things that seemed to be lacking was a character generator that had a bunch of flexibility for assembling anything that had different sized images, or a lot...
  9. professorbeej

    Generator Files on Mac Not Showing Up

    So my partner is having real trouble with generator parts showing up in his RMMV installation. He is doing everything right, and his file structure matches up with mine exactly. He is even using the zipped contents of my Generator folder that works. They are the exact files, just copied into his...
  10. Is there a library for the code required for a character creator?

    Looking for code for a character creator at the start of the game for the player. Ideally to make a generic character but mainly so created characters can have differing stats based on certain things like questions and point allocation.
  11. JaeJaeCee

    Has anyone seen VX Ace Generator Parts for MV?

    I had been dinking around with VX Ace before Christmas, on my grandpa's computer, but when my family surprised me with a computer for Christmas, I switched over to MV... I had SEVERAL characters that I adored in the VX Ace project, and i would love to rebuild them the way that they WERE, in MV...
  12. ArielSystem

    [RPG MAKER MV] Looking for Wetsuit and or any type Cyborg Armors for Character Generator

    Resource Type : Character Generator Maker Format : MV Art Style : Like RPG Maker MV Styles Desc. : I just want to request anyone where I can get Wetsuit or Cyborg Armor for RPG MAKER MV Generator. But I can't find one which fit for. It'll be better If you found the link or someone else make...
  13. Why do certain character generator parts not work on the face?

    For accessory 2, 2-5, the sprite changes but the face graphic does not. The same thing happens with the kemonomimi. The only face graphic it shows is the cat ears. I have put some screenshot here showing three of the accessories and three of the kemonomimi(I made the character bald to make it...
  14. Dinsmoor

    Dynamic Face Generation

    Description of the Feature: Allow for facial features such as mouth, eyes, eyebrows to be modified on-the-fly as a base template. Code for Implementation: I don't know js very well. var edited_character = characterEditor.loadJSON(my_fs_gui_widget_selection_handler); // make edits var...
  15. JtheDuelist

    [SOLVED] Kitsune Nine Tails Character Generator part

    Resource Type: Character Generator Part Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP or as close to its likeness Description: I am looking for a character generator part of a kitsune's nine tails (Overworld, Down, and Side View Battler- face part is not needed), as the existing fox tail parts don't suit my...
  16. VenEttore

    How to Add/Change Main/Sub Colors in Character Generator?

    Hello, everyone! I was playing around with MV's character generator and found a clothing part that I like, but also found that I can't change the color of the pants without changing the color of the shirt as well. I'd like to be able to edit these separately. How would I go about doing this...
  17. Kanissey

    Faceset for vampire

    Hello Makers, iam looking for a faceset for the vampire that is already in MV. If you understand, in the enemies folder is a vampire sprite and i need a faceset for him. Thanks for every help. :kaojoy: Greetings Kanissey
  18. Trying to use Hiddenone's Resources-Character Generator

    Hello, I found a website with a plethora of Character Generator resources (, and I downloaded the catch-all file. I then put the images in the correct system folders, but the Character Generator will not read the images. When I select an image, such as...
  19. BlueJink101

    Custom Enemies

    Hey, I need help understanding how to implement my own custom enemies into the game, not how to make an enemy, rather how to put a character from the character generator as an enemy. I only got RMMV recently, so the easier to understand, the better. Thanks!
  20. Korean Character Generator Parts (Clothing, Hats, Ect.) RMMV

    Hello, I want to make a game that takes place during the Imjin War. I've got plenty of Japanese material (as do we all perhaps). But, I'm looking for 15th to 16th Century Hanbok (Korean clothing) both male and female. Also, some Gat (Korean hat with the beads). Armor would also be awesome even...

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