character level

  1. Game thinks my character is lv 0

    Made a quest with Character level as a variable and it didnt work. to troubleshoot i made an npc with the text script "your level is \v[2] (2 is the variable number) and it says zero, even after manually setting the starting lv to 3. any advice? edit: i even made an NPC that just gives me...
  2. Merryjest

    Modified Leveling System: Ultima VI Style

    I'm interested in an alternate system for leveling. It is based on the Ultima VI style of leveling: Level cap happens at level 8. Leveling up is not automatic. Instead, the character has to interact with a specific NPC (or shrine), which will effect the level-up.  Each NPC/Shrine raises...
  3. Macusto

    Boss Strengths determined by Level

    So, I and my friends are currently working on a game which, while it has a definite storyline, also allows the player access to pretty much the whole world right off the bat...there will be lots of optional areas to explore, and thus lots of optional bosses to fight. Which brings me to my...

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