character movement

  1. Twisted

    MV to Android character movement question

    Hey Folks, So i have recently exported 2 games to android, it was quite an easy process i might add. Now once my games have been converted to SDK and installed on my phone they run fine ct but i have noticed something that is plain "bugging me". The controls are touch screen, and...
  2. Issues understanding events interacting with each other in cutscenes (moving npc characters)

    Hello, I'm rather new to RPG Maker and before I really started on a project, I wanted to make sure I understood the basics of what I'd want to do in a game. Currently I'm testing cutscenes, but I'm running into some issues. The way I've set it up is so that when the player character steps on an...
  3. Flame Retardant

    My character won't move?

    I'm early in the development of my first serious project, and when I try to playtest it, the character sprite won't move at all. Controls work from the main menu, and when I do a battle test from the troops tab of the database, I experience no problems. But for some reason, the character won't...
  4. thefusense

    Starting a player movement event after map movement event

    Yeah its me again, sorry I ask alot of questions last days :D So I tried to make an event work where my character moves near a grave and the map moves a few tiles upwards towards the grave. So far everything works as Iwant. After that I want my character to move automaticly to the...
  5. Arisete™

    Up + Down Movement

    Hey guys, I been messing around with the default directions in the script, however I cannot figure out how to disable the following (Facing Down) Sprites, and the (Facing Up) Sprites. My game uses only left and right sprites while still able to move up and down. Basically my movement needs to...
  6. lloydsmith

    Custom Caterpillar script for using a monster team.

    Hello game makers and scripters, It is my goal to make a game similar to an old RPG game made by Enix (before square enix) called Dragon Warrior Monsters (A few others were made but the first is the best in my opinion, also includes Dragon Quest Monster: Joker), currently I am working on it...

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