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  1. starlight dream

    RpgM2003 Rtp Recolours, Edits and some Conversions! (14.Oct.2017)

    Hello dear dreamers of the world and welcome, In this thread I'll be posting edited material of the RTP Graphics of RpgMaker 2K3... Most of it consists of recoloured graphics, but there are a few edits as well (by me) and a few conversions from other RpgMakers' RTP. Now The Boring Terms of...
  2. JoePal

    Help Finding Resource Creator/Terms

    Hey all! This is a (sort of) 2 part question about specific resources. Back in the days of RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, there were some lovely character sets that I used to use for my personal projects because they were so fantastic/close to the RTP/etc. I recently found these resources on the...
  3. Caitlin

    Horror main characters needed

    Resource Type: (Characters, Battlers, Tiles, Icons, ect.)Charactersets, chibi Maker Format: (2k,2k3,XP,VX,Ace,MV)Ace Art Style: (Ace RTP, Mack, LPC, Cartoony, Realistic, Artist's original, ect.) Ace RTP Description:  (Please be thorough.  The more accurate the description, the more...
  4. BlackLiquidSorrow

    My Little Pony Icons and Character Sets!

    Well, for a while I've noticed that while there are a lot of My Little Pony RPG Maker games, there aren't a lot of icons for them. So I decided to start making icons and character sets of my own! Keep in mind that as of this writing, I'm still a novice in pixel art so the early ones won't be...
  5. flirion

    Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    Hi, I made some recolors for my project and I thought I could share them here, I hope they will be useful. :) Terms of Service: The character sets are edits of MV's RTP so you will need a legal copy of RPG maker MV if you want to use them. Credits: Kadokawa, Caz (if you use the damaged cat...

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