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  1. Tea's Jams

    Tall Male and Female Sprite Templates (Elven)

    I took WTR's sprites which I liked the looks of and modified them a little, fixed a few alignment/perspective issues, added elven ears and made a male version. WTR allows modification/redistribution, commercial use, credit if you want. My terms of use are: Free for commercial and non-commercial...
  2. Creative Ed

    Balanced Stat Generator

    When working on large scale games with lots of characters/enemies it can be hard to keep things balanced when coming up with their stats, that's why I decided to create this tool. Balanced Stat Generator at Balanced Stat Generator is a tool that alows developers to generate stats...
  3. Owellow

    A single frame unanimated character?

    Lets say I want my character's on-map graphic to always look a certain way. Facing forward. Zero walking animation, like a roguelike, for instance. Is the only way to do this, while still using the built-in system, to make 12 identical images facing forward sliced out onto a standard 3x4...
  4. Burgerland's edits

    Thank you, slimmmeiske2, for merging my threads into one :) As the new thread name says, this is where my edits will be going for easier finding. I hope you like my edits. The rules are simple: * Edits that are based on Hiddenone's or other creators' resources are subject to said creators' terms...
  5. Animebryan

    Editor not handling single character sheets with $ in their filename properly

    I'm trying to set an actor's map sprite but its not showing the white rectangle like its supposed to. I'm trying to select the $BigMonster1 sheet (Demon) but it won't let me select a single sprite & just automatically selects 1 of the top sprites instead. I tried to expand the sheet to normal...
  6. IssaMeMino

    QSprite Assistance

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to use QSprite for my project. I'm currently having a hard time with the QSprite plugin reading the sprite sheet incorrectly. I'm making my own custom art for an isometric game with more realistic sprites, but I wanted to figure out how to do it correctly...
  7. Acolyte

    Alternate Sprite Walking Behavior

    I'm having a really difficult time trying to describe this. Basically, I'd like to have a script that changes the default sprite movement patterns from down, left, right, up, and instead uses downleft, downright, upleft,upright. A good example of this would be paper mario: I suppose...
  8. Owellow

    Character Sheet Question

    Hello. I have some characters that do not need any sort of animation while walking around. So, I was wondering, instead of copy/pasting the image 12 times and lining everything up on a Character sheet, just so the system has information to reference, is there any way I can use just a single...
  9. 9142

    Resized Balloon Character sheets

    Resized for use as a sprite! Enjoy!
  10. AndracoDragons

    Character Sprite sheet size question.

    Hello everyone and i hope i am in the right spot for this but i need some information. So here is a little bit of backstory, I was working on my event based character creation and i thought "Hey! lets make this easy!" so i put all the possible faces on their own giant sheet, and all the possible...
  11. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome


    Ii had thought I'd seen something like this just yesterday in the resource section, but I've gone onto every post for four pages on the vxace sections and general resources and can't find it. It was on a page with a bunch of different character sheets (hidden panels, floors that open underneath...

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