character sprite

  1. Angel.K1tty

    Angel.K1tty's Resource Empire! - Now With Ballet Behavior Bases!

    I decided to try making my own sprites completely from scratch instead of following a base, since that's what I've been doing so far for my project sprites. They're badly animated but at least they're cute :D Introducing Kolsifer! This my first time making full sprites like this, so I hope it's...
  2. IRequireThyHelp

    How can i make a small sprite look bigger

    first of all my english is very bad and im new to game maker so when i make a small sprite for a character(16x16 for example) when in game its too small that its almost invisible so how can i make this sprite look like its a normal sized sprite
  3. Changing actor Sprite with armor

    Hello. Is there a simple way to change actor sprite when changing armor? I prefer doing it through a common event, but armors do not have the option to run a common event. On my last try, I set a common event to: *Conditional branch - if actor Harold has leather armor equipped: **Change actor...
  4. leekeater

    Character Sprite Troubles

    Hello! I'm fairly new at this this and I'm definitely having trouble with dimensions for sprites. I will post images that will help. I'm having trouble reworking dimensions for the sprite sheet of one of the characters in my game. I know she is too tall (her bunny ears) and shortening them...
  5. SoulFab

    Odd Sprites problem

    Hey guys ! I am new to this forum but glad to be here. I have founds lots of informations and great ressources to help me in my game making. One of the most ressourceful post I saw was the one made by hiddenone with a lot of nice generator parts and sprites! A great job from Hiddenone but I have...
  6. NEED edits to these faces and this character sprite. NECESSARY for game completion.

    This is for a commercial game! If you do not want these to be sold as a part of my game, please do not respond! I need these two faces of this character edited to make her look like a cyborg. Specifically, her right eye should be a piece of metal with a small blue light in the middle, and her...
  7. Venere

    Venere & Marte's Resources

    Introduction Hello dear everyone from all over the world! Venere & Marte is a beginner artists team for RPGMaker. I would like to share our resources which we made for practice on this topic. I'm very happy if you like them. Thanks!   Latest Resources Streetlamps (25 July 2013) Sprite of...

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