1. New guy, several specific questions

    Hello everybody. I'm pretty new in this . Working in a little proyect right now. I understand most of the tutorials I see but there is some questions I have for very especific terms. If these questions are for other category please do tell. Still figuring out how to move in the forum. -How can...
  2. Snow White, Kairi, Namine, Trunks, Ashe, Garnet sprites

    Free to use or improve upon:) I probably won't be checking back to this thread often, if at all. So, I apologize in advance.
  3. discocatman

    New sprites, might release template

    So I'm working on a game, and it has a TON of characters (I'd say about 100 or so?), so I thought I would throw some concept art/basic sprites in here on a random assortment of characters that I use in my game as well as other non-canon characters I just made for fun Characters: -Hwang (Canon)...
  4. Bernkastelwitch

    Any generator parts for Insect parts, tentacles, or Merfolk?

    My game has some more non-human characters including some insect-like people, some Mermaids and mermen, and a race of people with parasite-like tentacles/tendrils coming out of them. I have been looking everywhere for any kinds of parts I can use for a generator or some NPCs I can credit if...
  5. My Walk cycle isn't working

    I have two problems that i desperately need help with 1: I have a walk cycle for a character and it only shows 3 animations (1 row) instead of all 12 (4 rows). I've tried everything and it's not working :(( 2: I want to change my main character for my game but everything I do doesn't work...
  6. Ji_Tealeaf

    Ji's XP Assets

    Hi everyone! I'm brushing up on my spriting. It's been about twelve years since I last worked on pixel art. Please forgive me if this post isn't formatted perfectly; this is my first time uploading assets. Below please find some of my recolors of the XP RTP. Terms of Service: Free for use in...
  7. Animated Sprites for action-RPG

    Hello guys, I'm looking for animated enemy sprites to create a Zelda style action-RPG, for this I need animated sprites for both characters and enemies. Are there any resources like these, even not free? Also, are there good plugins to develop the game with an Action Battle System? Is it...
  8. Finnuval

    Need insights into LGBTQ inclusivity

    (Okay so I'm not sure where to post this tho general seems best fitting - but please move if needed) So I am currently working on a longterm project that aims to be very inclusive in charcaters, character stories and romance options but I would like some insights on things. Now I know what I...
  9. RePeat

    Any way to remove databank entries for good?

    So I deleted all the default characters (because I want to build up my own team over time) but the slots themselves didn't get removed. Like I still got all the numbered slots (0001, 0002 etc) just now there's nothing in them. I put my own created character in the first slot and left the others...
  10. ovate

    XP Cover Art Characters Set (Portraits & Sprites)

    With permission from khana chi, I'm sharing cover art characters portraits here along with the characters sprites edits. XP Cover Art Characters Portraits Drawn by khana chi One expression. There are 3 sizes inside the zip. Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them...
  11. d3j4-v00d00

    Canon names for DLC characters

    Heya hey! Deja Voodoo here. I've been trawling the internet in search of the canon names of the MV Trinity Package3 characters. I know the MZ Cover Art characters have names (Teo, Lyly, Takumo, etc.). However, my Google-fu is getting rusty and I have found nothing. It may be a weird ask, but...
  12. Wecoc

    Pack de Addons RTP 3.0 - RPG maker XP

    This is the third edition of the Pack de AddOns RTP for RPG maker XP. The resources on the previous editions are NOT included in this pack. The pack has been assembled by me (Wecoc) with the graphic resources that were provided throughout the years 2017-2020 in Mundo Maker (one of the main...
  13. Aslanemperor

    VX Ace; In need of a few small things

    To start: I would like several different things for use in a small project. This project will be free and available on Newgrounds when I'm finished. It's a small game (I'm aiming for about an hour of story content). Since there are several requests, I will make individual forms for each in...
  14. ALHC7


    Hey guys! I wonder if there's a way to heal with the same ability different amounts depending on the character. In my game I want to make a cook system, combining food in a campfire, The thing is some characters are vegetarian and some love meat, so if the player cook a steak to heal the party...
  15. arcadekitten

    Is it possible to create character profiles, and have them show up as their own feature in the in-game menu?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for help with something that seems pretty advanced and I am still only just a beginner, heh. But it's an important part of my game, so I'd really like to be able to implement it, even if I have to find work-arounds! Basically, I want to be able to create my own...
  16. HalcyanStudio

    Semi-Transparant background in character set

    I want to use this sunbeam as a character set in my game, just one frame now for testing: However, in RMMV you can't select the transparant color anymore as in older versions, it just cuts off: it's either fully transparant not transparant at all. The semi-transparant part is totally removed...
  17. ovate

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite - Tiny Overworld Sprites

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite ( 2015/12/18 Ver.1.01 ) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Characters sprites appears tiny in the overworld similar to overworld of Chrono Trigger. Features - Tiny characters sprites in overworld. - If file name include "noAdjust", no adjusting character sprite...
  18. ovate

    KirishimaMan MV RTP character edits

    Terms of Use- credit: 霧島万 (KirishimaMan) Commercial use: OK (you can't sell material by itself) Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK, credit KirishimaMan For RPG Maker MV For crediting, mention "KirishimaMan" in ReadMe or credits Source...
  19. ovate

    Retiranatis MV characters

    Terms of Use- Commercial use: OK (you can't sell material by itself) Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV credit: レティラナティス (Retiranatis) Source (found on resource section) Feel free to use these...
  20. ovate

    Metsss MV materials

    Terms of Use- Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: OK Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV If you want to give credit, please include the url: credit: Metsss Source...

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