1. Wirtle

    Tall character sprites and epic battle system

    Hi there everyone, I haven't been on the forums in quite a while and have been away from RPG Maker VX Ace even longer. I have recently gotten back into it and am kind of stuck. I really want to make a some-what realistic game with tall character sprites that have motion when they move and a...
  2. Juunanagou tileset and stuff

    Here's some of my tiles, they are nothing special but I hope they'll be useful for someone out there. They are not compatible with RTP. But I think they should be quite compatible with DS or DS+. There is a chest character too. I'll add more stuff and I may decide to modify the tiles improving...
  3. Morpheus

    Space Characters(Destiny Inspired)

    Below are several Destiny inspired characters I have made. I'm currently using these in my own Destiny Inspired game and if anybody else would like to use them feel free to(Both Commercial and Non-Commercial as long as I am credited).  As I make more characters and/or Edits I will post them...
  4. KitsuneDesertPunk

    Bust and Sprites

    Okay, so I want to make a game that has furries in it and I know I can use the default stuff, but I want to make a Kitsune (9 tailed fox) and a Nekomata (Split-tailed Cat), where can I go about making the sprites for this? (Bare in mind I can't draw lol) and where can I make the Busts to match...
  5. ZeroInsignia

    Managing Class Types

    I'm making a game with a world that has 9 kinds of magical attributes. I have characters A, B, C, and D. Character A is special since he inherits a soul that grants him access to every kind of attribute whereas all other magic users can only use one or two. To not make Char. A overpowered I...
  6. Sozdorferz

    Binding Character Health Together

    Hello, In the current game I am working on I have an idea to bind two characters together. Now I am not sure if this is the right area to start this in as this is only my second topic and I'm not really sure what this falls under. Anyways, what I mean by bind is that when actor A dies, actor B...
  7. captainproton

    RTP Characters

    This may be somewhere here already, but I couldn't find it. I was curious about the RTP characters. I know Eric and Alice, and of course Ralph, but is there a list of the RTP characters and their names?
  8. Sailerius

    Master Study: Nextgen character creation

    I'm Sai and I'm a programmer/writer/whiner but sometimes I do art. I've been doing some of the modeling and most of the technical art work for Vacant Sky Awakening but I've never made a complete character by myself from start to finish (usually it gets passed around from teammate to teammate for...
  9. jeipi

    Jeipi's VX Resource Shack

    UPDATE: I have bought RPG Maker MV and I love it! ...Which sadly means, I will not be adding any more assets to this thread. I might open a resource thread on the MV forums, so say hello to me there! Hello! I am Jeipi, I've only just registered recently but I've been lurking on and off since...
  10. mididragon

    Random Starting character good or bad?

    What if you started as a random character, having the ability to obtain super rare characters or normal one's so..., the idea is for: party members, bosses and, maybe even the story to be chosen randomly. maybe your first play through your a legendary hero bent on taking down a dragon king...

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