1. matthias1

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here, and still new to RPG Maker MV. But when I was younger, I was quite proficient with RPG Maker 2003. Semi-unrelated note: I decided to start making a new game and got MV recently. I have no title for it , and only a basic story premise. But one of the main...
  2. TheObermotz1

    Characters being offset with normal tiles. Searching for a fix.

    Sorry for asking, but I've run into an issue with my project and I've not found any solution (not even people who have the same problem. That problem is, that character-sprites and tiles are slightly offset (like a few pixels up). It messes up both shadows and general map-design. Is there a way...
  3. Narch

    Filenames with special accents (ä, è, ô...) - Loading problems

    Hello. I made the mistake of starting developement with weird accents on some filenames, I'm in the process of renaming them to convention. The font I use supports a whole bunch of special characters. My question is, why some people have no problems loading these files, even in USA or UK, but...
  4. How to remove a "not chosen actor"?

    So I've made a system when players can choose their character, it is a 1player game without a party of other characters. So when the player has chosen their character, how to remove the other one. So that the other one is not showing up in your save files of the game AND in your menu? Because...
  5. SwiftIllusion

    Positive vs Negative value of character barks/quips in combat focused game

    I'd like to ask/see how more people feel about the character barks/quips in combat focused games. If these exist, and were based on a characters designed personality as in some 'fighter' games, could this limit the characters you would want to play with-or enhance the experience regardless...
  6. POP Horror City

    Hi, I am writing to someone here who is informed about the POP package! Horror City character pack. I wanted to ask if this package is compatible with rpg maker mv and if in the package there were some kind of image related to the players (face, character, SV fighter). Thanks in advance
  7. Nightblade50

    FREE I need three animated battlers.

    Hello. I need three animated battlers for characters in my game Delta Origins. Details are below. For anything else you may want to know that is not here, such as screenshots, those can be found in my...
  8. Nightblade50

    [VX Ace] Steampunk characters request

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Painted or Ace RTP Description: I just want NPC characters that would be suitable for a steampunk game. Any characters for that genre at all will work.
  9. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    Terms of Use: Credit: Celeste Ominous Non-Commercial: Free! No credit necessary. Commercial: Also free! But credit me! (And link me to it when it's done! I'd love to see it! :D) Repost: Link back to this post. Edits: Allowed. Though if you want to share, email me. Maker Friendly to: RPG Maker...
  10. Nightblade50

    Help with Holder's resources

    Holder made some characters, animations, battlebacks, etc. here. And here. But every image is broken :(:(:(:(:(:(:( Is there some master zip file for them or some...
  11. Silverpence

    How do I make characters go under tiles

    How do I make characters go under the wall tiles? I've seen some other answers, but I still don't get it, is there a built in option to have characters go under walls?
  12. Mouse formation arrow clicker

    Hello rpg maker fans! I have stumbled on a problem i can't fix nor find the fix on internet. I have a game where i use only the mouse and i have more than 4 characters in the game. When i want to change the formation on these actors the arrow for changing the actors are really small.. This will...
  13. Ellie Jane

    Ready made characters, or player created?

    Which do you prefer for your game characters? I suppose it's the main distinction between a jRPG and wRPG. Do you like to play a character or characters that are already made and have their own story for you to uncover, as in games such as Final Fantasy? You play as a character in the story...
  14. Poupouille

    Pop up an infinity of characters with a precise action

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year!:) I would like to make a character appear to infinity. To be concret, a infinity of rabbits coming out of the first hole to enter the second hole. So many rabbits that the player will not be able to pass because they will form a sort of an impassable barrier...
  15. Nightblade50

    Thomas' VX/Ace Resources

    Thomas' VX/Ace Resources Hey! I'm going to start posting any VX/VX Ace resources I make here. This is a work in progress so far and will be updated often. I am only starting to make resources, so please, no criticism. :wink: All resources except for the charsets were made in GIMP. The battler...
  16. 21miya

    character sets?

    Hi there, I'm trying to create a game with characters, but with the character maker given, I feel as though many of them look very similar. Do any of you know of any FREE downloadable and unique characters? They should include the chibi style sprite AND the face. Please let me know if you happen...
  17. RedBirdXlll

    In-Game Character Creation NOT using sprites

    So a friend and I are casually working on a robust fantasy-adventure game and we want the first order of business after the player watches the intro to be a character creation screen - basically just like the one you can use to generate player images and sprites in RPG Maker, but using eyes...
  18. Timespiraled_RPG

    Need "Map Cursor" Character

    Resource Type: Characters. Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Fantasy Description: Working on a subproject and the characters aren't present on the map per say. Instead, the lead character's graphic is a square shaped cursor that shows where you are. I'm pretty sure I've seen one before, but...
  19. SleepyMachine

    Tall Sprites with more emotions/animations

    Yo yo yo~ So, my first ever attempt at spriting led me to (attempting at) making taller versions of whtdragon's base sprites emotions and animations (Found Here), using hiddenone's tall sprite base (Which you can get Here) So with permission, I'm sharing them. ~-~-~-~-~-~ You MUST follow...
  20. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    Returning Characters or A New Cast?

    Let's say- hypothetically- a game you guys REALLY enjoyed is coming out with a sequel! Of course depending on the plot of the sequel, deciding whether to have new characters or not is limited. Let's say the sequel is going to take place approximately 20 years in the future. The original cast...

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