1. SwordSkill

    Captain and Guard Damaged Poses

    Resource Type: Character Set. Maker Format: MV Art Style: I am looking for the RTP captain and guard in People 3 charset but them being in a damaged pose like this: Damaged Pose: Note: I don't necessarily need all three poses of this, just one will suffice.
  2. PARCB

    "Resize an image" question

    Hi everyone I am using GIMP and I copied a small fraction of bigger image into a new one in order to resize it properly. The whole smaller image is as small as 48×95 pixels, so the character will be tiny. I wont be able to upload the original as it is a rip, but is there any way to enlarge the...
  3. arekushisu

    Use Map Charsets as SV Battlers

    Is it possible to use Map Charsets as SV battlers ? I know that a Victore Engin's Plugin allowed to do it on VXace and MV. Did anyone know a was to do it without a lot of editting or a plugin that allow it ? Thank you by advance.
  4. Sakurra

    Sakura workshop, item icons and simple charsets

    I'd like to give back to the community. All the moderators and everyone who helps maintains this site does an amazing job. And I really appreciate this friendly community. I one time made a weapon icon for someone awhile back. So that's my sample for item icons. Request Template: I will draw...
  5. Joy

    Futuristic Tiles - Spaceship Interior

    As I was digging into my files to recompile an old game from a rapid development contest from waaaaay back, found this old spaceship tileset I cobbled together and did what I think are some neat edits. Most of the walls include transparent sections to make use of parallax layers below the map to...
  6. Black Pagan

    What do you call Player Character Sprites such as these ?

    Does anyone know where i can find more Character Sprites such as these (Paid or Free Resources), Excluding the Default ones that i get along with RPG Maker MV. These seem much bigger than your typical sprites that you make in your Character Generator.
  7. Avery

    RPG Maker MV Spotlight - Spot on resources

    Hello folks! In this thread I'm gonna collect some very good resources that are pretty unknown to most people - of course I'm gonna highlight good stuff, but if you can't find Vibrato or PandaMaru on your own I can't help you ;3 So see it as incomplete resource list to add the things you've...
  8. matgraz

    Is there any image template por exporting charsets?

    I wonder if there's any image file that i can use as a template to exporting my custom made charsets the size i need I want to test if this charset is working in-game and i dont know the ratio RPG Maker uses to read charsets so i can place them right. I'm trying kinda eyeballing over a RTP...
  9. demifiend700

    Charset Request

    Hi! I'm looking for a charset in the RPG Maker DS Style for this character with some changes: I'd like to have the wings removed and the long dress changed to normal legs covered in armor. Thanks!
  10. Cronos

    Saint Seiya Densetsu - Charset maker (RECRUIT)

    Hello! The project for which I am recruiting is called Saint Seiya Densetsu. It is quite old and relatively famous. As the name says, the game takes place in the universe Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac). It began to be developed in the middle of 2002, 2003, by an Italian, in...
  11. JosephSeraph

    Displaying a character's Charset on scenes?

    Hiya! I'm working on a game that doesn't use facesets at all, and it has a rather laborious character creation process. All is working fine, but it's a lot of extra work to add redundant facesets to all sprites, it's unnecessary lines of code in the character creation / class change routine...
  12. Using CharSet for Animation

    Hi! I'm a noobie when it comes to Rpgmaker so I had a question about using CharSet for animation. If I wanted to create a repeating animation using a column (so four frames) in a CharSet, how would I do so? I thought that I could set a movement route for a graphic by turning up, right, left...
  13. FoxySeta

    [Solved] Choosing a charset

    Is there a way to change the charset used by Language Configuration? That would be pretty useful to me when translating: many languages use accented characters and such (UTF-8 would be perfect). Thanks in advance!:kaojoy:
  14. Emanzi

    Rm2k3 facesets and charsets workshop

    Hi there. I'm starting a rpg maker 2k3 workshop for charsets (actors) and facesets and maybe some other stuff. This is original work and it took some time to make (especially the face) so please credit me Emanzi if you use any of the resources in a commercial project and non commercial...
  15. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's massive XP giveaway

    Good time of day folks. Quite some time ago I was knee deep in making RPG maker XP games. Ah, memories... I made a lot of stuff for those too... Only now I have stepped up my game considerably and making higher-rate graphics for my project, but I do have a ton of leftovers from my previous...
  16. Greygoose

    [RMVX+] XP-Styled Star Trek Charsets [WIP]

    The sprites will be posted on my DeviantArt page. There's loads of completed sprites there and more to come: https://greygoosespriteworks.deviantart.com/ Hey everyone. I would like to show you some previews of some Star Trek sprites I am working on. I am doing sprites of the different series. I...
  17. Mapping question

    So I've created this character file and he works perfectly on the map except that he seems to float 4 - 6 pixels above the base line for all the other things on my map. Is this because I've adjusted the screen to wide screen resolution (1280x720) or is it something I've done wrong in creating...
  18. tammie

    Bat charset

    I need a charset for a bat. I saw the default bat character, but it was WAY too colorful for my liking. This is for RMMV. The bat should be either black or gray, but black is better. Brown is also okay, but I would much prefer black/gray. The art style should, if possible, resemble the MV RTP. A...
  19. Dragon Brother

    Problem making Your own map tile sets? Well then You need these!

    Greetings Forrumites! I am here to contribute a new resource for the Forrum, if Your like me and want to make Your own map tileset and found Yourself staring down the Gordian knot with the prospect of knot being able to figure the system out, fret not! these will make that mass of code aligned...
  20. Mooshry

    Final Fantasy character needed!

    I need a final fantasy-like character for my fangame in RPG Creator iOS! My fangame is based off of FFXIV, and takes place in Eorzea too. If resources for fangames are allowed, here is a description. She is a Miqo'te. (An example...

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