1. Jigsaw

    Free Charaters

    Download for free here:
  2. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (MV version) [new exterior tiles]

    Hi guys! This is my collection of original assets made for RPG Maker MV. If you are looking for similar stuff, there is also my XP Thread and my general Thread. I have been working on creating original pixel art (and drawn sprites) for quite a while now. As you will see, the styles I like to...
  3. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    Hello, guys! So, as already mentioned in my introduction thread, I have decided to share my original assets also on this forum, so all the english speaking folks over here don't get left out. I did not post some of my older assets, since they are pretty dated by now. But if you want to browse...
  4. Cronos

    Saint Seiya Densetsu - Charset maker (RECRUIT)

    Hello! The project for which I am recruiting is called Saint Seiya Densetsu. It is quite old and relatively famous. As the name says, the game takes place in the universe Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac). It began to be developed in the middle of 2002, 2003, by an Italian, in...
  5. Nightblade50

    Looking for a certain resource

    Don't know if this is the right place for this or not. This game uses some characters and facesets that I like a lot. I downloaded the game, to see if it was unencrypted, but it was not, so I do not...
  6. Character Sheets Needed

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Dark, evil, fleshy, bloody, monsters Description: We just recently moved to a side view battle system for our game. In it, you play the classic villain from all the old RPGs but we find ourselves limited on which monsters you can...
  7. Schlangan

    Schlangan's resources

    -------------- Introduction ----------------- Hello everyone ! I thought about it for a while, and I decided to post a few on my own / edits / recolor / tries of sprites for RPG Maker MV. Who knows, they could be of some use for someone someday. Hmm that's a lot of some some some.... Anyways...
  8. palinskyjoe

    Help Finding Resource Creator/Terms

    Hey all! This is a (sort of) 2 part question about specific resources. Back in the days of RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, there were some lovely character sets that I used to use for my personal projects because they were so fantastic/close to the RTP/etc. I recently found these resources on the...
  9. Omega Five

    Some Charsets requests

    I've got a request. It's kinda stupid, but it would be pretty grand if someone made this. It's for RPG Maker VX Ace specifically, as I only have that (catched it on the summer Steam sale for about 8 euros.). Thanks to everyone that would work on this.
  10. Austintatious

    Is there a faster way to create charsets?

    I need about 100 different characters for my 1 hour long game. Just making 12 of these has taken me about 10 hours in graphics gale. Is there something I'm missing? I feel like I'm way below the average person in the art department. Is there a better program to use?
  11. jet_black

    Modern japanese Tilesets & CharSets

    Hello guys, a few month ago, I found a thread over here (Could be one of Grannies List, I don´t know anymore) with lots of modern resources. There were links to a japanese website which had looots of modern japanese resources (tilesets and characters) in a kind of dark style. Streets...
  12. alcaporzel

    XP / 2003 Ressources in Maker MV

    Hello friends, many many years ago, i created some games with RPG Maker 2000/2003. Now I got a license for using the neweset maker MV and i am really happy with that. As I need some more practise I have a question. Is it possible to use Char/Chipsets like we used in maker 2003/xp. I...
  13. brunovisk2

    Brunovisk Resources Iconic SV Weapons/ SV Actors

    Hi guys! I'd like to share with you one of the sprites I've done for my game, it's the sasquatch charset and SV battler. in the beginning I wanted to make generator parts to make savage men, but I couldnt make it so I just made the char and the battlers If anyone could turn it in a...
  14. jet_black

    Modern but rural scandinavian Tilesets, folklore & modern CharSets

    Hello guys, I would like to have Tilesets for a story that takes place in a rural village in some scandinavian country (maybe Iceland). So very snowy Tilesets, then ones with very dark/harsh colors, many traditional looking houses and elements like you´d expect it from rural scandinavian...
  15. jet_black

    Modern Resources - TileSets & CharSets

    Hello guys, I am looking for many modern resources. There are plenty of fantasy resources and also fantasy stuff. But I am looking for modern resources from our actual era. I know Granny´s List of modern stuff, but there is much sci-fi stuff and many links in the modern thread are dead. So I...
  16. Prodigy 1216

    1 Downed Kaduki Sprite Need Assistance!

    Need assistance from spriters! Just a simple request, can somebody make a downed sprite for this sprite inside the spoiler, I exchanged it to the 'red thingy'. Credit will be given, rest assured.  For Example:
  17. jeipi

    The jeipi MV resource shack

    Hello and welcome! Since MV was released, one of the most sad consequences of having a bigger resolution is that old resources sometimes just can't make the cut... So! I'm trying to do my part on contributing free MV resources. Terms and conditions: Lets start! Naked Orc template
  18. McSundae

    McSundae's Tall Sprite Corner - Updated with alot People [18/02/16]

    Hi guys, I recently made a huge change in my setup and switched the computer and beside that a I released a new version of my homepage which corrupted actually all links to the old resources. However - I reuploaded the most recent resources and put them together:
  19. Office tileset and businessman character sets

    Hi. I'm new here. I've been set a project at college to talk about business functions in some way other than a written report. I thought it might be cool to submit it as an RPG where the character is a businessman visiting a company, and he's talking to people and looking around their office to...
  20. Pine

    How much is actually an acceptable price?

    Hello guys! I'm planning to offer non-official resource packs made by myself. They will be composed of 8 characters each. Every purchase would allow commercial licensing at no additional cost. I have the mechanics very well defined myself. But I'm missing a fundamental aspect because I do not...

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